Take My Purse Away From Me: Primark & Tesco Haul ♥


I seriously think I have an addiction to shopping as it was only last week that I went up Primark and spent over £70 worth of clothes (post here)! But yet, here I was again trying to reason with myself that I "needed" to go to Primark because I "needed" tights.

I went up and brought the tights. And a few extras as well. Of course!

Hey! At least it gives me a reason to blog ;)


tights and necklace

Tights - 3 pairs for £3.
THE tights. The tights that were so special, I had to make a special journey just to Primark for them. Seriously though, they're really good. They're perfect for work and this one is probably my 4/5th pack because I love them so much!

Necklace - £2.00
It was in the sale and I really liked the colour threaded inbetween the chains. Plus it was in the sale and who can really say no to a good bargain?


Jumper - £8
I eyed up this jumper last week when I went and I always regretted not buying it as I thought it would be a perfect day jumper to just throw on when I was cold. Since buying it yesterday though, I've not taken it off. Literally. 

shirt dress

Shirt Dress - £10
I wasn't sure about this at first as the tartan shift dresses with the peter pan collar seemed to be the more popular option in the Winter months but when I tried it on, I knew I preferred this style a lot better. I always feel that these shirt style dresses are perfect for curvy girls as they go in at the waist and actually accentuate the body! Ooh la la



Top -£5
I'd been looking for a simple little stripe top similar to this for agesssss but I could never find anything that I liked but as soon as I saw this I knew I had to have it. I loved the little chiffon detail at the bottom and on the arms and it actually brings a bit of detail to a "simple" top. This was also my little bargain of the day as it was in the sale with a price tag of £8 but when I got to the till, it had been reduced to £5! Win!


Top - £3
Another top that was in the sale and once again, another little bargain. It's such a pretty little top and I honestly think it's worth a lot more than just £3. It was a little tight around the hips but I thought I could hide that if I wore it with a skirt or maybe some high waisted jeans.

As I said above, I probably need to buy all this but I know I really needed some new clothes for winter as most of what I wore last year is getting old. I am definitely loving Primark's jumper collection at the moment and it was really hard to pick between them all (I'd set myself a limit of only one jumper). 


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