Uh oh: Another Primark Autumn Haul! ♥


I sort of promised myself that I was seriously going to try and save some money this month but I've not had a very good start to the week and I felt like I needed a little pick me up so where's my favourite place in the world: Primark!

Now last time I went in there I wasn't very impressed with their Autumn collection but it looks that since I last went in, they've had more stock and I was really loving everything they had! So much so that I walked out the shop nearly two hours later £74 lighter! Eeek!



Boots 1: £15 || Boots 2: £10
The one thing I was desperate to buy this season was some new winter boots. I'd brought two pairs last year and I was hoping to get some very similar as I absolutely loved them. I really liked the cut out ones as I brought a similar heeled pair last year and I was actually excited to find a flat pair as they were so comfortable to wear. I'm not sure how they'll do in all the cold and wet weather but oh well!

I'm also not too sure when I'll wear the suede ones but I thought they could be good for days out and I couldn't resist for only £10!

cat jumper

Cat Jumper: £12
I saw this on my last visit to Primark and I always regretted not buying it. I LOVE cats and I don't care how much of a crazy cat lady this jumper makes me look! It's a very soft and comfortable material (I hate horrible itchy jumpers!) and there is even cute little sequins in all of the black material. CUTE!!


Double Layer Top: £10
I brought this mainly as an impulse buy but I did really love the deep red colour of the top layer, perfect Autumn colour! I also thought it has the potential to be dressed up with a nice statement necklace or dressed down on it's own. It's such a nice little versatile top!


Dress: £10
I loved this dress as soon as I saw it and it's an absolute bargain for only £10! It's a very slimming illusion panel dress with has a skater dress flare which takes the attention away from those pesky thighs! I once again thought this would be a perfect dress to dress up with a necklace and heels or dress down with knee high boots and a scarf. See a bit of a pattern emerging?


Scarf: £5
I saw a lot people carrying this scarf around the shop so when I eventually found where Primark had hidden them, there wasn't many left. I was thinking this would great with my leather jacket rather than my actual winters coat as I don't think it would match (my winters coat being a red/burgundy colour) but even though it's a nice thick and surprising big scarf and it would be wrong to say no for only £5!


Super Fit T-Shirt Bra: £5
I've actually brought this bra on a previous haul but it was so comfortable that I had to go back and buy another one. I don't normally rate Primark's bras as they're normally a bit cheap and would break after a few uses but I really enjoyed this one and it was perfect for work!


Lace Nightie: £6
I love buying all the fluffy and warm Winter PJS but I have to admit that none of them really stood out for me. There were a few cute Bambi PJs but I already own 4 sets of Disney PJS so I really should stay away from them. I did however love this sexy lace nightie for only £6. It's not going to do much against the cold winter nights but at least I'll look good!

twister lip balm

Walls Twister Lipbalm: £1.50
I'm that child who gets distracted by all the pretty things at the tills. Who could say no to an old time favourite ice lolly lip balm though?

That's everything I brought today and I think I'll be good for another couple of weeks!
Is there anything you've had your eye on for Autumn/Winter?



  1. Those first pair of boots are so so nice! xx

    Abi | abistreetx.blogspot.co.uk

    1. I love them :) They're so comfortable to wear as well! xo