Whats In My Bag? ♥


I've been meaning to do a post like this for ages. I don't know about you but I love a good nose around in other peoples handbags. Not only do you feel like a small time stalker, but you can also see what other products people love and use on a daily basis. 

Sorry for the bad quality of the pictures, I'm currently moving home again and I accidentally packed my camera :(

whats in my bag
whats in my bag 2
whats in my bag 3

My handbag itself isn't a designer one and it was only £12 from Primark. I know a lot of people will shudder when I say Primark Bag but I've originally brought this as a carry on bag for my trip to Paris and planned to throw it away after but I enjoyed it so much, I thought I would upgrade it to my permanent hand bag. It's perfect for work as I can fit all my paperwork and my lunch box in and still have room. Perfect!

whats in my bag

iPhone 5 (like I said, my camera is packed so I took the pictures with my phone) - to keep up to date with social media and for all those on the sneaky go Instagram moments
iPod - I don't have enough space on my phone for my music so I always carry my iPod around with me 
Cath Kidston Purse - the home to all my cards and "cash" (I wish!)
House, Car & Work keys - after one bad experience of locking my car and house keys in my car, I have now learnt that you keep them separate so you're still able to get into your house to get your spare key!
Work Lanyard - my "must have" when I go to work! it basically gets me into work and able to do my job
Me To You notepad & pen - for jotting down blog post ideas, shopping lists and random doodles.
Numerous Body Sprays - nobody wants to be a sweaty betty!
Tissues - I always carry at least one packet of tissues as you never know when you'll need them!
Primark Polka Roll on Perfume - perfect hand bag size and great for a quick freshen up throughout the day

whats in my bag

As well as my normal handbag, I also have a special "essentials bag". The bag is FCUK and it was from an old Christmas gift set. It's the perfect size for all my smaller bits and I absolutely love the design! 

Hand cream - my favourite deep moisituring hand cream and perfect hand bag size.
Makeup - for the much needed "top-ups" throughout the day
Numerous lip balms - I'm obsessed. I always have to have lip balm on me wherever I go
Instant Blister Shield Plasters - from too many bad experiences of new shoes rubbing!
Glee purse with Bobby pins & Hair bands - bit embarrassing but I love glee and it's a perfect holder for my spare bobby pins and hand bobbles!
Nail file - in case of any breakages throughout the day
Hand Sanitizer - working at a GP  surgery has made a little paranoid when it comes to germs so I always carry hand sanitizer
Plasters - same as the blister shields!
Perfume sample - I have no idea why I have so many but they're always handy to have
Foldable brush - in case of any bad hair days!

This actually looks quite a lot when you lay it all out to see but since I have such a big handbag, I can manage to carry all of this and still have plenty of space to spare!

What are your must-haves for your handbag?



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