The Bloggers Programme ♥


A few weeks ago I got an email from The Blogger Programme advertising a competition on their website and you could be sent a special little The Blogger Programme tote bag. Of course I entered and this week my prize came! I absolutely love it and I can't wait to wear it out.

For all you that don't know, The Blogger Programme is a website where bloggers can sign up and have the ability to connect and work with both brands and bloggers. Their purpose is to bring together bloggers from different platforms including blogs, Instagram, Youtube, Lookbook and Facebook etc.

Now I have to admit that I haven't really used the website since signing up but everytime they send me e-mails, I always go and check out anything they're doing on their website as I think it's a perfect place to get your blog out there to be noticed. 

You can sign up here and start making some new friends!




Glossybox November 2014 Edition ♥


I have to admit I've been a little slow when it comes to blogging the past few weeks but last week I received my Novembers Glossybox and I knew it was time to kick my butt in gear and finally start doing some regular posts!

Last months box failed to impress me and because of this I wasn't really that bothered when my confirmation email come through saying my box was in the post. Needless to say, when it eventually did come I was a little excited and ripped it open to see what goodies were inside!


The first thing I noticed when I open my parcel was a pretty white envelope of a "personal invitation" to Best Secret with a lovely £20 voucher inside. Now I've never heard of Best Secret before but from what I can tell as a newbie and just flicking through their site, is it's a website selling designer fashion for a discount price. Simple. Membership to the website is recommendation only which it seems even more exclusive and mysterious. I'm not too sure if I'll ever actually use this voucher though as if you read the small print on the voucher, you're minimum order must be over £60 and I really can't see me spending that much on designer clothes! I'd rather just pop to Primark!

best secret card

Inside my box this month:

eye pencil

Lollipops Eye Pencil - €14
A new brand for me but I love the packaging and it's something that I would definitely pick up for myself if I saw it in the shops. The product itself I was hoping for something a little different as I don't really use pencil for my eyes anymore and opt for felt tip eyeliners instead BUT I will definitely give it a try and hoping it might convert me to the pencil side!

burts bee

Burt's Bees Lip Shine - £6.99
Burt's Bees is one of those brands that I've heard of but never actually tried for myself so to see this in my box made me very happy! It's in a very girly pink shade and it has a slight coconut scent to it (I think anyway). For me £6.99 is a little steep to pay for essentially a lip gloss as I'd much prefer to buy a pot of Vaseline for half the price, but nevertheless I will still use it as I'm sure it will come in handy over the next few months!

h20 skincare

H20 Face Oasis Hydrating Treatment - £27.50 
The first skincare product in this box and it's another brand that I've not heard of. Surprise!I am really excited to try this though and it sounds like such a perfect product for the cold winter months. I'm not too sure about putting it in the fridge though as I like my face masks to be comforting and relaxing not cold!

monu skincare

MONU Soothing Hawaii Facial Oil - £26
Another skin care product but from MONU this time and another product I'm really excited to try! The smell of this is amazing, I seriously cannot stress that enough! I cannot wait to try this!


2True Pro Sparkles Glitter Nail Polish - £4
Finally a brand that I've actually heard of! 2True have featured in a Glossybox before and I was quite happy to see it back in again but this time in the shape of a gorgeous nail glitter pot. It does advertise it as nail polish but it's actually just a pot of glitter. This is a perfect addition to any make-up bag, especially with the upcoming Christmas parties!

 Although there was a few products that I was happy to try, I once again wasn't that impressed with it overall. Although I love toners and cleansers, I don't get very excited when I see them in a box. I signed up to Glossybox so my make-up bag would open up and get new brands in but the past few boxes just haven't impressed me and I'm seriously considering my subscription to Glossybox.

Have you loved your Glossyboxes and should I stay?


Date Night Primark OOTD ♥


After buying A LOT of new clothes in the past month or so, I was determined to start writing some more OOTD posts and last week I went out for a nice meal and I thought I would blog about what I wore.

This chiffon check shirt was something I actually picked up a few weeks ago but since it was the only thing I brought that time, it never got a mention on the blog *sad face* It cost £12 (I think) and I absolutely love it for both day and night time. It's quite baggy and there is also a slight bat wing design around the arms. The back is also dip hem so you could also get away with wearing it with leggings which is exactly what I did in this OOTD!

Now I know a lot of people hate Primark leggings and they're quite notorious for being verrry transparent and since girls like to wear leggings as trousers, a lot of pants are normally on show! Having said that, this years leggings batch actually seem a lot better quality and they even come in the option of cotton or viscose material. I prefer the cotton as I think the viscose feel a little too "elasticated" and shiny but they've been so good I've actually had to go back and buy a few more pairs.

I finish off this OOTD with a diamante Aztec style necklace that I brought in a Matalan sale a few years ago and my new favourite black cut out panel ankle boots from Primark. It's a very simple outfit but that's why I love it so much :) I can tell I'm going to be wearing this shirt a lot and it'll probably in a few more OOTD before the end of Winter!


I also didn't take a picture of the shoes so I thought I would add in a picture I did take of them for a previous OOTD.



Cake Solves Everything! ♥


Every once in a while I get an overwhelming urge to get the apron out and do some baking. One of my fond memories of being young was always nagging my mom to make cakes with me on the weekends, the Tom & Jerry sets were my favourite. I wouldn't say I'm any good at the decorating or just generally making it look pretty in anyway part but my mom's old recipes never fails to be anything less than yummy which in my eyes, evens out my bad decorating.

On my last visit to my local Tesco, I noticed that they had all of their baking kits for 3 for 2 and who was I to say no to that? There was so many different brands and cakes to choose from but in the end I picked up three different sets from the Betty Crockers range. I've make a few of her other kits before (here and here) so I knew how amazing they would be and since I had a little time on my hands this afternoon, I thought it would be a perfect time to test them out!

Now firstly I must admit, I've never actually made brownies before and I wasn't very well equipped to make them as I didn't have a tray so I had to use a silicone cake mold instead which is why they were a different shape. They still tasted the same!

betty crocker
red velvet


Christmas DIYs! ♥


I love Christmas and now that Halloween and Bonfire night are done and dusted, I can finally start getting excited for December 25th! As I've mentioned in previous posts before, I've recently moved into my first house so I can now go out and choose the decorations myself! I'm quite traditional when it comes to Christmas and most people would probably go as far to say boring and a little unadventurous but this year I have full reign of the decorations and I plan to fully enjoy myself. 

Apart from the obvious Christmas Tree, I also plan on doing some DIY and hand making a lot of my decorations myself and obviously the first place I think to go for some inspiration is Pinterest. Here are just a few ideas that I liked! Enjoy :)

snow jar

snowman cookies

diy star

baubles wine glass

card tree

holly vase

I'm definitely going to make the last idea because I luckily have a holly bush growing in my back garden! Perfect!

These pictures were all from Pinterest.
You can check out the rest of my Christmas pins here

Is there anything you're making for Christmas?


Just another tag! ♥


I hate Mondays. ALOT. There's always something that normally happens on a Monday morning at work which gets you down and makes you want to crawl back in bed and forget about the rest of the week completely. That is exactly whats happened today. But instead of letting it get me down, I thought I would cheer myself up with another tag! Yes, another.

All you need to do for this new tag is to just answer the questions and tag whoever you like. Simple!

1)What food can't you resist? That one diet breaker or naughty treat.
2)The temptation to gossip, what stops you from blurting out what you shouldn't?
3)What one thing on your to do list are you always tempted to avoid?
4)Which makeup product/brand can you just not walk past without lusting after or buying?
5)What's the craziest change about yourself you've been tempted to do? e.g. piercing/tattoo/hair
6)Where are you tempted to spend all your money on food, e.g. restaurant/takeaway?
7)What skin care brand are you tempted to break your usual routine over?
8)Are you tempted to break the tradition, do something adventurous or an unusual career path?

My answers...
1)Chiquitos. I visit that place far too much. I swear the waiters even know my name now.
2)Karma, things like that always have a way of coming back around on you. From my past experiences, it's just not worth it.
3)Cleaning definitely.
4)A lipstick or a new mascara.
5)I would love a tattoo on my ankle, I'm just too scared to ever go and have it done!
6)Hah Chiquitos!!
7)None? I don't really lust over many high end products and I like to change and try new products all the time so I wouldn't stop myself from buying something new.
8)I am quite traditionally and I'd have to say I'm probably the opposite to adventurous, but you never know what might happen in the future!

I don't like to tag individual people incase they've already it so I TAG ALL who read this :)


Procrastinating Beauty Blogger Tag ♥


It's been a while since I last blogged (blame moving house!) so I thought I would make up for it with a nice tag post! Who can say no to that? 


Name a beauty regime that you rarely do?
I'd say my eyebrows get ignored quite a bit and I try to do them as little as possible. I also have to admit as well that there's been a few times when I've been too tired on a night to properly wash my face and have opted for the easier option of face wipes. Naughty!

Is washing your make-up brushes something that you do regularly?
No :( I do try but I always forget or I need them so I can't wait for them to dry! Bad excuse? 

How long will you last with chipped nail polish?
Not long at all, about a day? I can be really lazy though and will just top up the chips until I can actually get time to fully remove the polish. 

How long will you put off buying/replacing a beauty product, even if you need it?
I probably won't even wait at all. I'm really bad when it comes to buying things I don't really need and stocking up on them "just in case". I've currently got about 6 different foundations that I need to finish because of this reason!

What is your worst beauty habit?
I think this pretty much goes for the beauty regime question.

Name something non-beauty related that you put off doing all the time?
Cleaning the house. I'll always say I'll do it when I get back from work but then I always make an excuse. Having said that though, when I do actually get around to it, I clean EVERYTHING. Nothing gets missed!
When going out somewhere, do you leave getting ready to the last minute?
Not in the slightest. I will start getting ready sometimes even 4-5 hours before I have to leave just in case I change my mind on what I'm wearing or my hair just won't go right. I hate rushing around and being late!

Can you commit to spending bans?
I can if I really need the money for something but if I'm not spending just for the sake of it, it normally won't last long.

How organised are your make-up and nail polish collections?
Super organised! I have a 6 drawer from Ikea (post here) where all my make-up is stored separately and in my own little order and my nail varnishes are currently in a box at the moment but I do hope to buy a proper stand like this for them soon :)

Hope you liked the tag and I promise that I'll start posting new things more regularly soon!