Cake Solves Everything! ♥


Every once in a while I get an overwhelming urge to get the apron out and do some baking. One of my fond memories of being young was always nagging my mom to make cakes with me on the weekends, the Tom & Jerry sets were my favourite. I wouldn't say I'm any good at the decorating or just generally making it look pretty in anyway part but my mom's old recipes never fails to be anything less than yummy which in my eyes, evens out my bad decorating.

On my last visit to my local Tesco, I noticed that they had all of their baking kits for 3 for 2 and who was I to say no to that? There was so many different brands and cakes to choose from but in the end I picked up three different sets from the Betty Crockers range. I've make a few of her other kits before (here and here) so I knew how amazing they would be and since I had a little time on my hands this afternoon, I thought it would be a perfect time to test them out!

Now firstly I must admit, I've never actually made brownies before and I wasn't very well equipped to make them as I didn't have a tray so I had to use a silicone cake mold instead which is why they were a different shape. They still tasted the same!

betty crocker
red velvet



  1. They look yummy! :) Don't worry about using the cake mould for the brownie, I think it looks good! Just like a cake :) x

  2. One word: YUM! xx

    Abi |