Christmas DIYs! ♥


I love Christmas and now that Halloween and Bonfire night are done and dusted, I can finally start getting excited for December 25th! As I've mentioned in previous posts before, I've recently moved into my first house so I can now go out and choose the decorations myself! I'm quite traditional when it comes to Christmas and most people would probably go as far to say boring and a little unadventurous but this year I have full reign of the decorations and I plan to fully enjoy myself. 

Apart from the obvious Christmas Tree, I also plan on doing some DIY and hand making a lot of my decorations myself and obviously the first place I think to go for some inspiration is Pinterest. Here are just a few ideas that I liked! Enjoy :)

snow jar

snowman cookies

diy star

baubles wine glass

card tree

holly vase

I'm definitely going to make the last idea because I luckily have a holly bush growing in my back garden! Perfect!

These pictures were all from Pinterest.
You can check out the rest of my Christmas pins here

Is there anything you're making for Christmas?



  1. All these ideas are so adorable!!! Christmas decorations are the best! xx

    Abi |

    1. I know :) I'm so excited for Christmas this year! xo