Date Night Primark OOTD ♥


After buying A LOT of new clothes in the past month or so, I was determined to start writing some more OOTD posts and last week I went out for a nice meal and I thought I would blog about what I wore.

This chiffon check shirt was something I actually picked up a few weeks ago but since it was the only thing I brought that time, it never got a mention on the blog *sad face* It cost £12 (I think) and I absolutely love it for both day and night time. It's quite baggy and there is also a slight bat wing design around the arms. The back is also dip hem so you could also get away with wearing it with leggings which is exactly what I did in this OOTD!

Now I know a lot of people hate Primark leggings and they're quite notorious for being verrry transparent and since girls like to wear leggings as trousers, a lot of pants are normally on show! Having said that, this years leggings batch actually seem a lot better quality and they even come in the option of cotton or viscose material. I prefer the cotton as I think the viscose feel a little too "elasticated" and shiny but they've been so good I've actually had to go back and buy a few more pairs.

I finish off this OOTD with a diamante Aztec style necklace that I brought in a Matalan sale a few years ago and my new favourite black cut out panel ankle boots from Primark. It's a very simple outfit but that's why I love it so much :) I can tell I'm going to be wearing this shirt a lot and it'll probably in a few more OOTD before the end of Winter!


I also didn't take a picture of the shoes so I thought I would add in a picture I did take of them for a previous OOTD.