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I hate Mondays. ALOT. There's always something that normally happens on a Monday morning at work which gets you down and makes you want to crawl back in bed and forget about the rest of the week completely. That is exactly whats happened today. But instead of letting it get me down, I thought I would cheer myself up with another tag! Yes, another.

All you need to do for this new tag is to just answer the questions and tag whoever you like. Simple!

1)What food can't you resist? That one diet breaker or naughty treat.
2)The temptation to gossip, what stops you from blurting out what you shouldn't?
3)What one thing on your to do list are you always tempted to avoid?
4)Which makeup product/brand can you just not walk past without lusting after or buying?
5)What's the craziest change about yourself you've been tempted to do? e.g. piercing/tattoo/hair
6)Where are you tempted to spend all your money on food, e.g. restaurant/takeaway?
7)What skin care brand are you tempted to break your usual routine over?
8)Are you tempted to break the tradition, do something adventurous or an unusual career path?

My answers...
1)Chiquitos. I visit that place far too much. I swear the waiters even know my name now.
2)Karma, things like that always have a way of coming back around on you. From my past experiences, it's just not worth it.
3)Cleaning definitely.
4)A lipstick or a new mascara.
5)I would love a tattoo on my ankle, I'm just too scared to ever go and have it done!
6)Hah Chiquitos!!
7)None? I don't really lust over many high end products and I like to change and try new products all the time so I wouldn't stop myself from buying something new.
8)I am quite traditionally and I'd have to say I'm probably the opposite to adventurous, but you never know what might happen in the future!

I don't like to tag individual people incase they've already it so I TAG ALL who read this :)


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