Christmas Party Outfit Ideas! ♥


It's my Christmas works party this weekend and because I didn't have one last year (yes, my boss is that mean!) I feel like this one needs to make up for lost time! Since no-one at my work seemed that fussy on where we went, I decided to take over as "Official Party Organiser" and arranged everything myself. Go me!

With the party all booked and sorted, the next big hurdle was what I was going to wear! Luckily though my lovely Primark was there to save me and I actually ended up coming away with two dresses. Now I can't decide which to wear!

I tried to make both outfits (which might vary on the night) as close as possible with the help of Polyvore to what I've actually brought. Please feel free to tell me in the comments which one you prefer! :)


1 or 2 :)

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