L'Oreal Paris Collection Privee Liya's Nude Review ♥


Now I'm sure that many of you have seen the new L'Oreal TV adverts showing off their Exclusive Reds Lipstick Range. I have, they're gorgeous. They're custom-made lipsticks which were created alongside some gorgeous celebrity spokespersons who wanted to create shades that would be tailored to suit different skin tones. I personally think this gives the collection a very personal touch to us buyers because we know that we can buy a red, nude, pink etc lipstick that will not only match our skin tone but compliment it. Wow!

Instead of buying a red lipstick though, I decided to pick something from their Nude range. I love wearing nude lipsticks as they're perfect for both day and night. I know a few of you out there still think of the terrible "concealer lips" (I admit doing this *cringe!*) when I say nude but those days are gone and gorgeous collections like these have taken it's place. Because obviously there's a few shades in the Nude range I wasn't too sure which one was MY shade so I took a chance and decided to try Liya's Nude.

Along my way Christmas shopping, I found myself on Fragrance Direct and this is where I managed to pick up Liya's nude and with a nice little discount as well from the Boots price. Bonus!

liya nude

I have to admit I'm not too sure on the shade on myself. I thought that it would be something different and away from my usual comfort shades and that it would maybe bring a nice change to my face but I personally I think that this shade is a little too dark for me.

The lipstick itself has a very gorgeous matte black packaging with Privee Collection and Liya's own signature right on the front which gives a smart and "more expensive than it really is" look. As soon as I applied the lipstick I started to notice the "Parma Violets" scent (anyone remember them?!) which I was never too keen on when I was younger but was actually preferable than the typical cheap lipstick taste. Lasting power for the lipstick I would say is around average. I applied it early afternoon and a few hours, drinks and even my dinner after it was still visible on my lips. Not bad!

Although I wasn't a massive fan of the colour, I love the lipstick and I would definitely love to try out another spokesperson's shade or maybe something from the red range. I'm glad I only paid £3.99 for Liya's Nude but if I had the chance to go into a store and see the colours myself, I wouldn't mind paying £6.99 for them as I definitely think they're well worth it!

You can check it out on FragranceDirect.com or on the Boots website



  1. This is such a beautiful colour!! Really suits you xx

    Abi | abistreetx.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Thank you :) I think it's starting to grow on me the more I wear it! xo