Merry 1st December! ♥


As I've mentioned before, I LOVE Christmas and as soon as I start hearing those Christmas songs on the radio I get extremely excited and turn into a little child! Not only is this the first year me and my partner will be spending it together, but it'll be our first Christmas in our new home! Because I was that excited, I decided I wanted to put my tree went up super early this year. Normally when I lived at home, I had to wait for after the 13th December as it was my mom's birthday and of course you had birthday decorations up and I didn't like to clash Christmas and Birthdays (yes, I'm weird). But since I obviously have my own place now, I made the decision to have my tree up on the 1st December!

Now another big thing I was looking forward to was being able to pick my own decorations for our tree. Boring I know! But every year since I was a baby, the exact Christmas tree went up with the exact same baubles, even down to the exact same Christmas lights (which amazingly still worked after 24 years). So obviously I got very excited but instead of going mental and filling my tree with every cute little bauble I could find, I kept it simple and elegant with a Champagne colour scheme and I love it!

Since it's become the normal thing to "brag" about each others Christmas trees on social media, I thought I would join in but in the form of a post for my blog! Enjoy :)

christmass tree

christmas tree

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  1. I love christmas! That is so exciting that its your first christmas in your own house! Your tree looks lovely xx

    Abi |