My First Competition Win: M&Co Christmas Wishlist! ♥


Last week I posted my Christmas wishlist using M&Co's Christmas Fashion Collection and went and entered myself into their All I Want For Christmas Wishlist competition. Now I've entered a few competitions since starting this blog and I would consider myself very unlucky so obviously I expected to hear nothing back. That was before I had a little notification on my Twitter feed that M&Co had announced that I was their winner! As this was my first competition win, being excited was a major understatement! As soon as I finished work, I raced home to claim my prize and order my wishlist. 


Now my winning wishlist is a little different to the actual wishlist that I've ordered as a lot of the things I originally picked out didn't have my size or become out of stock completely so I had to end up picking other things instead. I missed out my gingerbread man jumper! :( SO gutted! I actually think I did a lot better with my new wishlist though and I'm very excited for it to come!

Like I said, I missed out on a few chances to get certain things so I tried to make as many subitutes as possible. Instead of the original check pyjamas that I picked, I went for the floral ones which in a way I kinda prefer as they're more girly. I did also treat myself to a cute fleecy reindeer pyjama set with the matching slippers (which were in my original wishlist). 

Instead of the floral socks, when I was searching the M&Co website I saw these adorable cat socks which of course I had to have! I did also see these Santa socks which I thought were so adorable and although I'd only be able to wear them for a week times a year, they needed to be brought. 

On my previous wishlist, I had a gorgeous sequin lace dress but I didn't realise that it was in the petite range which unforunately is not me. Sigh! I did however find this simple black skater dress which I loved. Who can resist a classic LBD? As well as the dress, I also picked up these high waisted skinny jeans as I've wanted to try a pair for such a long time and for only £14 I couldn't resist! What a bargain! Another fashion craze I've always wanted to try was printed trousers and I thought while I had the chance, I would take it and order myself a pair! I love the print as it's very pretty and "not in your face" and cheap looking like some others I've seen.

To finish off my order, a lot of their jewellery was on sale so I managed to pick up on a few little goodies. I've got a very similar necklace to the layered necklace but since it was £5, I couldn't resist as you can never have enough necklaces! I also managed to pick up these three pairs of cute stud earrings for only £3.50. I love wearing stud earrings and I have quite a collection of them so these will be a nice little addition. As I was coming to my last £2.00 on my voucher, I used it buying this cute bow necklace which I think is adorable and a bargain for only £2.00!


Shop my wishlist!

Thank you again M&Co!


  1. This is so exciting! Congrats for winning, you picked some fab things xx

    Abi |

  2. Oh how exciting! I'd definitely be looking forward to that package being delivered :)
    Megan x
    London Callings

    1. I know :) I keep updating the tracker in hopes that it'll come before Christmas! xo

  3. Congratulations! I'm one of those seriously unlucky people too but you won't win if you don't enter. Enjoy your prize! Those socks are adorable!

    Rachael at

    1. Thank you! I can't believe I actually won something, I normally enter lots of different competitions and never hear anything back! haha xo

  4. Congratulations! That's an amazing first competition to win! Keep doing what you're doing xx