How To Own Your Bed Head! ♥


As I'm sure many of you can agree, us girls often get those days where you wake up, and no matter what you do or how much product you use, your hair will just not co-operate? Either it's too frizzy or too flat or there's always that time where your fringe will just not sit right, it can be a very stressful ordeal for first thing in the morning.

My Night Time Haircare 

Now most nights I do admit that I go to bed with my hair damp as I find it SO boring to sit and wait for it to be completely dry. Because of this though I find that my hair is really kinky in the morning and normally a lot of product is needed to coax it into doing what I want it to. To ensure that my hair isn't such a pain, I use a handful of products the night before so even if I toss and turn all night, my hair will resemble a normal style in the morning.

hair care

Pantene Deep Moisture Soufflé - £1 from Poundland
Batiste Dry Conditioner Smoothing Conditioning Mist - £1.97
Batiste Floral Dry Shampoo - £1.47
Got2be Oil-licious Argan Oil - £3.00 
Fat Hair Amplifying Creme - £2.97

I normally apply a small olive size amount of the Fat Hair amplifying creme and rub it into my mid lengths and ends. On the packaging it does say to put a lot higher up on the head but my hair gets greasy very easily so I try and avoid using product too close to my scalp. Some nights I will also add the Pantene soufflé but normally only if I've used my straighteners or any other heat utensil and my hair needs a little more TLC.

When I wake up, that's when most of the hard work comes in! Like I said above, I have very oily hair so even though I washed my hair the night before, I will have slightly greasy roots which is blasted away by my favourite dry shampoo brand, Batiste. For my ends, I'll start by pumping a few drops of my Argan Oil into my hands and finger comb it through my tips. If my hair is still looking a little dry, I'll spray a few squirts of Batiste dry conditioning spray over my mid lengths and ends, keeping well away from my temperamental roots!

Although they're not relatively high end products or even slightly expensive for that matter, I swear by these products and they really do make such a difference to my hair!

morning hair

This is my hair without any product in the morning. Not too shabby!

 My styles for wet hair


 pictures from Pinterest

 Along side a great team of products, I also use certain hair styles the night before to ensure my hair is looking great for the next day. All the pictures I've mentioned are all hair styles that I've used in the past to create curls or just generally a little bit of texture for in the morning. They're completely heatless and only minimum product is needed. 

If All Else Fails

Of course you're going to get those days where your hair just says NO so instead of fighting or crawling back into bed and waiting for tomorrow, learn to embrace the mess! 


 pictures from Pinterest

Sweet Dreams!