Primark Christmas Work Party OOTD! ♥


Earlier this week I wrote a post asking for your opinion on which outfit I should wear to my Christmas work's do party! Everyone went with option 2 but on the night I changed my mind and actually went with option 1 instead!

The dress was from Primark for about £13 (I forgot and I lost the receipt!). I originally was going to wear this for Christmas as it looks casual but pretty as the same time and wear the more glamorous black dress for the party. But of course I changed my mind! I paired up the dress with these strappy chunk heel shoes which were only £12! They're wide foot and cushioned on the balls of your feet area for extra comfort. Because I wanted to show off the shoes a little, I opted for leggings instead of tights which actually worked out better as it was freezing outside and the leggings gave a little more protection against the wind! The necklace I've used before in a few other OOTDs. It's an oldie but a goodie was also in Primark's sales from £6 down to £3! 

Gotta love Primark ;)




  1. Love this outfit!!! You look amazing xx

    Abi |

  2. such a lovely outfit! your hair looks amazing too

    from helen at