Decisions Decisions: New Hair for 2015?


Most people bring in the new year with the outlook that "New Year, New Me" and that normally includes the typical going on a diet, getting back into the gym, leaving that crappy minimum wage job you hate. Trust me, I've made them all. But one I've never really believed in was "New Year, New Hair". Why should a new year be a reason to change your hair? If you wanted to cut it before, just do it! 

Having said that though, the past few weeks I've seriously contemplated cutting all of my hair off and having something different to my usual long wavy locks. Obviously I'm not going to go mental and go really short as that would never suit me and I'd probably end up hating myself and buy a wig. But I am definitely thinking of going that little bit shorter and maybe even have "lob" as so many people keep raving about how amazing they are.

When it comes to styling my hair in the morning, I have to admit I'm pretty lazy. I hate straightening my hair as it always takes too long so most days it gets thrown up in a bun and hope tomorrow is a better day. So obviously I would like a hairstyle that I can just get up with and have no problem getting it to do what I say.

Here's a few examples of what I was thinking:


 All pictures are from Google :)

What do you think?
Let me know in the comments below!


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