January Sales: New Look Haul!


It seems like every year the January sales start earlier and earlier every year and this year I'm sure they were advertising sales on Christmas eve. How is it January sales in December?! Nevertheless, I was straight on all of my favourite shops websites to see what lovely things are on offer! 

I have to say, this year sale wise was tragic. I looked on several different websites and there was nothing that took my fancy or they wasn't that much off their original price. For example, I brought my dad an aftershave gift set from Superdrug for £4 and a few days leter in the "sale", it was £3.99. What?! I nearly saved a whole 1p!

I did however manage to find some good deals on the New Look website and I thought I would make a blog post showing everything I brought!

*Please note all clothes I brought were from the Inspire range. Sorry skinny girls!

new look sale
check top

Navy and Burgandy Checked Boxy T-shirt // £9.00 down from £17.99
As I've said before in previous posts, I'm really loving check this season and this is just another item to add to my growing collection. I wasn't too sure on the fit as it's meant to be "boxy" and shapeless but I loved the colours so much plus it was only £9.00!


Black Roll Sleeve T-Shirt // £ 4.00 down from £7.99
As sad as it is, I don't own a plain black T-shirt and I honestly think it's one of those basic but essential pieces to a wardrobe. Not only can you wear it casual with jeans or maybe underneath a jumper (layer up in that cold weather!) but you could also jazz it up with a skirt and statement necklace instead for on a night!


Floral Print Mesh Dress // £11.00 down from £22.99
This has got to be my favourite purchase out of everything that I brought and this photo does not do it any justice at all. I love wearing floral dresses and I just think this pattern is gorgeous. As you can see from the picture the front has a V cut with mesh print to cover the hole which adds a bit more of an edgy look to it.


Dark Red Sateen Gem Shoes // £8.00 down from £19.99
These are gorgeous! They're so much prettier than online and I'm so excited to wear them out. I wanted them incase I went out somewhere half decent and didn't fancy wearing heels.

 close up

Black Leather Textured Ballet Shoes // £10.00 down from £22.99
These have got to be probably my least favourite and I'm also very tempted to return them. When I was looking at them online, I thought that they looked like a very shiny leather/sateen material but when I got them they're this horrible fur-like texture. Ew! I was only planning on wearing them to work but the thought of looking like I have dead cow on my feet puts me off a little. No wonder they were in the sale!


Black & Silver Gem Hair Bow // £2.00 down from £3.99
This was just a little treat that I brought myself because I'm still a little child at heart who still loves to wear bows in her hair. I think they look adorable though when girls put their hair in a bun and add a little bow to either on top or underneath so I was hoping to recreate that with this.


& Block Sign // £3.00 down from £7.99
I saw these on the New Look website weeks before the sale and I really wanted one for my little office but I wasn't too keen on paying £7.99. Luckily for me though as I was looking through the sale I saw that they still had the N sign and the & sign which worked out really well for me but instead of going for the obvious N for Natalie, I brought the & instead. Now it's sitting on my desk right next to my computer screen!



  1. I am loving New Look at the moment! xx

    Abi | abistreetx.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Me too :) they have so many good things on there! xo