Netflix: My Favourite 5 Shows to Watch!


After seeing so many people rave about Netflix and with nothing good to watch on TV, I finally took the plunge and started my free month trial. At first all the different movies and films were over-whelming and it took me a while to decide on what to watch but after I got our bearings, I soon found a lot of shows that I was desperate to watch.

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1. American Horror Story


If you haven't heard of AHS by now, you've probably been hiding under a rock. It seems to be THE show that everyone keeps raving about and although I'd seen plenty of gifs ect on Tumblr, I've never been so bothered about. That was until about 10 minutes into the first episode when I fell in love with the show! I started watching the first season on a lazy Sunday morning and probably by the next Sunday, I'd finished all three seasons.

I think Murder House has got to be my favourite as I thought it was a great story although I did find Asylum a little more on the creepy side. As I am a UK resident though, I still have not seen the fourth season, Freak Show so I'm eagerly awaiting it to be put on Netflix!

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2. Bob's Burgers

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Another show that seems to be going mad on the Tumblr dashboards is Bob's Burgers and once again, another show that I fell instantly in love with. I love the one liners and jokes used in this show and I personally think this show is funnier than bigger shows like Family Guy and American Dad. Unfortunately there's only 3 seasons currently on Netflix and just like AHS, they didn't last very long!

I know that a lot of people love Tina in this show but my favourite character has got to be Louise as I think the things she says are just hilarious.

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3. Peaky Blinders

peaky blinders

I wasn't that keen to watch this purely because it's based in Birmingham (where I live) and to be honest I didn't want to hear the bad Birmingham accents. But after watching a few episodes I really got into it and actually found myself enjoying it and desperate for the next episodes. There's two seasons currently on Netflix but you can also watch on BBC catch up. 

4. Dexter


An oldie but a goodie and once again a show that I never really been that interested into until I started watching it. I know a lot of people from school/college who used to watch this when it first started and I never liked the sound of a TV show about a guy who works for the police but is also a mass murder but since then, my tastes seemed to have changed!

We've just finished watching season four this week and let's just say that I am definitely NOT happy with how it ends! I hope the next season makes up for it.

5. Revenge


As I've said before in a previous post, I LOVE Revenge. When it first came out over on E4 I could just not get enough of the show and now I have Netflix, I can watch it all over again from season one!

Clearly before Netflix I was a freak and was missing out on a lot of good shows.
Is there any other show you're loving on Netflix right now?

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