New Years Resolutions: Looking back & New for 2015! ♥


Around this time last year I was starting to write down my New Years Resolutions for a blog post and since 2015 is finally here, I thought it was time that I take a look back and see how well I did with keeping my resolutions and see where I can inprove by making some new ones!

 1. Go to the gym more

My first resolution of 2014 was to go to the gym more. Now this admittedly didn't work out very well. Naughty me! Firstly, my gym buddy backed out and cancelled her membership and slowly after that I started to not go and in the end cancelled too. Since last year though, my work has now moved premises into a leisure centre with my old gym under the same roof so my membership will be now be put back in place and I will be forcing myself into the gym after my shift at work finishes. I will have no excuse!


2. Love my skin more

Next on my list was to give my skin a little more TLC and this is a resolution I can happily say I achieved! As I have oily skin I normally suffer with a dreaded shiny face but with the help of Glossybox always sending me new products, good vitamins and a new skincare routine, my skin is a lot clearer and I very rarely have any breakouts. I'd like to say that this is a Resolution Win!


3. Abit of ME time.

Last year I was very stressed with work and family issues and I felt that I never went out and enjoyed myself but this year I put my foot down and started to have some fun! I'm so glad this was something I was able to change and I never want to go back to how I was in 2013. I am definitely loving the new me!


4. Get a New Job.

Carrying on from the last resolution, my year in 2013 was terrible to say the least and one of the things I was desperate to change was my job. Now in 2014, I managed to work my differences out and I'm actually in a lot happier place!


5. Move out!

I DID IT! This was the "long shot" resolution and I actually made it happen! YAY!
I've always talked about how much I wanted to move out and have my own place and one day I downloaded the RightMove app on my phone just to have a look! About 3 weeks later, I was moving into my first apartment! 

There is nothing better than coming home to your own place at the end of the day!


6. Blog more!

This is the one resolution that I tried very hard to achieve as at the end of 2013 I was desperate for my blog to take off and was a little depressed that it hadn't already. I knew I was never going to be "blogger famous" but I like to think that the people who do read my blog enjoy what they read. 

In 2014, I made a big effort to get more posts out regularly and I think that as the years gone on, I have improved a little in the writing department. There's still a long way my blog can go but I'm happy that I'm still loving what I'm doing and to me, that's a resolution win!


1. Be a better me!

I'm not going to make specific targets or goals in my life as I'm quite happy with how everything is at the moment and even more so now I can see how well I've done from last year. The only years resolutions that I will give myself is to enjoy myself and to carry on doing things that make me happy. I want to be able to look back in 2016 and think "Wow! I did good!". I hope 2015 brings more happy memories, sunny holidays and a lot of happiness!

Oh, and to definitely get my bum back to the gym! That's a definite.



  1. Having a gym near by is a great way to motivate yourself! I'm also happy to see your new work place is happier. I'm really considering a career change but it's terrifying!

    Good luck in 2015.

    Corinne x

    1. Thank you :) And I was exactly the same when it came to my job but I realised that it wasn't the job itself I hated, it was other small things that I could easily change with the help of my manager and now I love my job :) xo

  2. Good luck with your resolutions!

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