Soap & Glory The Next Big Thing Set!


Now I know I'm a little late to this Soap & Glory party with The Next Big Thing set but instead of buying it for myself before Christmas like a lot of other bloggers, I contained my excitement and told my friend to buy it me as a present instead since he was so stuck with what to buy me. Of course though that meant waiting until Christmas Day to open it up which made those few weeks feel far longer than what they actually were. As I mentioned in one of my last posts, I was ill over Christmas and last week was the first time I've actually felt well enough to open my presents and have a nose at what was inside.

Now I'm guessing because I was late that most of you already know that Boots had the set on special offer for a limited time of £29 from £60 which I think it an amazing deal for the amount you get inside and I felt that enough though you knew all about it, I had to make my own little post about it!

soap and glory
 soap and glory

Now I've only tried a two or three Soap & Glory products before buying this set but even so, I was quite impressed with what I saw. I'd brought a full tube of the Righteous Butter and Heel Genius for 20p each at car boot sale! Crazy lady for selling them so cheap! Within just over a month though I was noticing that my tubes and tubs were nearly empty because I was using them that much and I was in desperate need of replacements!

The one thing I can't fault Soap & Glory for is the smell of their products. The Sugar Crush body scrub smelt so good, the first time I used it I wanted to eat it. True story. Every other cream and lotion that I've tried has smelt just as amazing. Even the Sexy Mother Pucker lip lacquer has a gorgeous cupcake scent which makes me want to put it in my mouth instead of on my mouth! The Righteous Butter has got to be my personal favourite though as it's very light and floral but not overwhelming and sickly. The only product I wasn't too keen on was the Orangeasm body wash as I'm not a big fan of orange scent but I know my aunt loves it so it's all down to personal taste!

All in all, this set is amazing and it's such great value for money. I'm really starting to be a massive lover of the Soap & Glory brand and I've already started to eye up new products to try! Even if you do decide to buy it now at full price of £60, that's still a nice £15 saving!

What's inside?

 Hand Dream Super Cream - £7.00
Orangeasm Body Wash - £6.50
Butter yourself Moisture Lotion - £10.00
Heel Genius Foot Cream - £5.50
Whipped Clean Shower Butter - £7.00
Sugar Crush Body Scrub - £8.00
Righteous Butter Body Butter - £10.50
Off Your Face Purifying Cloths - £3.60
Thick & Fast Mascara - £10.00
Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Lacquer - £7.00

Total RRP: £75.10
Not bad for only £29!
Or free if you had it brought for you like me!



  1. Soap and Glory mascara's are so so good!! xx

    Abi |

    1. I've only tried mine the once but it made my lashes look amazing! xo