What I Got For Christmas 2014!


Since I was ill over Christmas AND New Year this year, opening and using all of my presents took a bit of a back seat and dying in bed became the priority. Now that I'm feeling better, I thought I would do the obvious post and show you some of the things that I got for Christmas. Yay!


As it's a typical thing to buy for Christmas, I received a lot of pyjamas, socks, slippers and even a new blanket and cushion from my mother but unfortunately they were badly needed as my only outfit over Christmas was mainly pyjamas so I didn't manage to take a picture of all of them. 

Since going to Paris last year, my mother has now gone Eiffel Tower mad and has brought me so many different things from a pillow and photo frame to even two matching candles with tiny Eiffel Tower statues in the centre. Although it is slightly creepy I have to admit that I love every one of them as they remind me of my little romantic getaway.

Other than the typical pyjamas and socks as presents, you also normally can't get enough of bath/perfume sets and this year I think I did pretty good. I was generously brought the Soap & Glory Next Big Thing set which has been going mad in the beauty blogger world and I glad to be finally part of the hype. On top of that, he also brought me my favourite perfume Gold from Next. You can buy a 75ml bottle for only £14 and I personally think it's a lot better than most perfumes on sale in Superdrug or Boots for half of the price! Having said that, my parents did treat me a little and went and brought me the Calvin Klein IN2U perfume and although it's never been a perfume that's caught my eye, I have to say it's pleasantly nice and now become my second favourite perfume (after Gold of course!)


My Pandora bracelet also got a few new additions to it over Christmas and it's really starting to fill up now. A few weeks before Christmas, I went onto the Pandora website and filled out a wish list of a few charms I'd like to so I wasn't over surprised when I saw which ones people had picked out. 

The other charm I got was from my parents in the shape of Galaxy, a charm out of their new Winter Collection. The picture above really doesn't do the charm justice AT ALL!


Yes I'm still a little Pokemon nerd deep down and yes, I do still enjoy playing the games. I was super excited to see that my friend had brought me this and even more surprised that they picked the right version for me (they release in two versions; this year was Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby fyi). I've only managed to play it a few times so I'm definitely going to need to get back on this!

Please note that I didn't post this to brag about anything that I got, I simply made this post just for the people who wanted to be nosey and actually enjoy seeing what other people got!


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