30 Day Shred: Week 1 Progress!


As I mentioned a few days ago I've started doing the 30 Day Shred again and as a way of motivating myself to keep going, I thought I would write up my thoughts and feelings on how I think I'm doing. You can check out my original post here for more about the 30 Day Shred!

Day 1 - Feeling really motivated! I got through work and came home and put the DVD on straight away before I got distracted by something else. I managed to get breathless in just the bloody warm-up so I knew the rest of the workout was going to go great! I really didn't realise what I'd let myself in for! Finished the work-out and ran straight for the shower before my legs gave way. Carried on feeling motivated and cooked myself a healthy Quorn chicken breast with handfuls of steamed veg! 

Day 2 - OWWW! Both of my inner thighs ACHED this morning. Couldn't walk down the stairs in the morning without gripping on to the banister. Today's workout was a lot harder but managed to get through the whole thing without throwing up! Still feeling positive though and didn't let the aches and pains put me off!

Day 3 - I had a day break in between so is this technically day 4? I was starting to notice that I didn't need to break as much as the first two day so I'm taking that as a success! I went shopping after my workout and stocked up on fruit and other healthy foods.

weight watchers

Day 4 - Switched it up a little today and went to the gym for the first time in nearly a year! Spent an hour and half in there and surprised myself by really enjoying it. I came home and felt so energised that I cleaned the house from top to bottom. I did pass out at about 9pm though because I was so exhausted!

Day 5 - Had a day off on Saturday but I felt bad so I made an effort to get my DVD out for quick afternoon workout on the Sunday. Exercising on a Sunday is wrong and I think I might just stick to weekdays!

Day 6 - Back at the gym today and actually signed up to a membership. It felt great to start pushing my self on the machines, raising the intensity levels and harder courses without getting out of breath or looking red faced. I'm hoping to go everyday after work and maybe stick the DVD on just the Saturdays leaving me to chill and recover on the Sunday!

Day 7 - Brought myself a new fitness watch from the Polar range. Really loving it at the moment and it's great that I can keep a track of my heart rate and the calories I burn on every workout I do. Tested it out in the gym and in my first 50 minutes I managed to burn 270. That's good? Right?! 

Day 8 - I have cramp so bad in my left leg and it hurts to even walk. I still managed to do a quick 40 minute workout in the gym and I burnt off nearly 300! I cooked some quick and easy yummy Pitta Pizzas with a side salad! YUM

Day 9 - Leg still hurts but pushing on still managed another hour. I didn't burn off as many calories as I'd have liked but I still felt positive that I went! I felt a bit off on the night so I didn't eat anything but I did manage to eat a few handfuls of grapes and a Weight Watchers bar!

Day 10 - Last day of level 1! YAY! To be honsest though I feel like I've hardly done the 30 day shred workout because I'm normally so tired after going to the gym. Went to the gym again after work with my friends and did another good hour in there before my legs started to burn. I've also rediscovered my love for solitaire and I don't like to leave a machine until I've won a roundon the computers.

polar watch

Weight loss total: 7 pounds!

I'm so happy with this weight loss as although I did have days where I ate what I wanted and had days off from exercising, I still hit the gym and the workout dvds hard and I'm glad I can come out of the first level by saying I lost weight!

I'm not sure how long I'll stay with the dvds as I'm really enjoying heading to the gym everyday but now I can now enter new territory with Level 2 on the 30 Day Shred, that might keep me hooked for a bit! Gym-wise, me and everybody from my work has now joined so nearly everyday I have a little gym buddy and we're even planning on booking a few afternoons out to play badminton or tennis!

Overall I'm feeling really positive and I actually feel like this might be the time that I stick to a diet and lose the weight. Onwards and upwards!


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