Elle and Glamour Magazines March 2015!


When it comes to buying fashion magazines, I'm a little bit of a noob. I have no idea which one is best and most times I will more than likely make the decision by which has the best freebie. When I was a teenager, I used to buy a magazines all the time just to read the juicy gossip about the sexy boy bands/actors or who wore what at the latest awards show but since then I've not really been that bothered.

Last week when I was out doing my weekly shop at Tesco, I thought I would browse the magazine aisle for the first time in yearrrrs and see if anything took my fancy. I was a little surprised at how many of them had skinny actresses/models on the front cover complaining about how fame and money is such a drag. GET LOST! I'm not going to feel sorry for you! Eventually I managed to decide on an old favourite Glamour and Elle.

I used to read Glamour a lot when I was on the older side of teenager and I regret stopping buying it because there was always so many good articles or tips on hair and make-up. Plus I had to buy this month's as there was a world exclusive on Fifty Shades of Grey! Yum!

Elle was one of those times where I brought it for the freebie. Magazines like this just confuse me because the majority of it is just advertisements for designer brands; I mean the contacts page is on page number 39. That's 38 pages of just skinny models posing in nice clothes! Like buying this will suddenly make me a millionaire so I can hundreds of pounds on a purse anyway. OBVIOUSLY I shouldn't have brought this magazine but when it's offering me a mini travel size version of Benefit's new Roller Lash mascara, I just have to smile my way through nearly 400 of crap. 

Do Primark have a feature page as well? If not, not interested!

elle glamour

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