Make-Up Revolution Powder Blush Love Review


A few weeks ago I reviewed the Make-up Revolution blush lacquer (post here if you wanna take a gander!) and although I loved the colour, I hated the liquid formula as it was too messy and dried too quickly for me to apply where I wanted it. I have tried the blusher again since you guys commented with some handy tips on how to use properly but I still wasn't completely in love with it. 

A few days after I posted this review though, I found myself out shopping (again!) and I came across the Make-up Revolution powder blushers in Superdrug and I managed to find a shade that was very similar to the Heart lacquer so of course I had to buy it and give it a go and see which one I preferred!

Yay for crappy pictures. FAIL


Once again I will apologise for my ugly work uniform! I try and take my pictures in the morning when it's still light and because I'm normally late for work, I don't always have time to change clothes just to take the pictures. Enough excuses though and back to the blusher.

All in all, I reallllly like it! It's such a delicate dusky rose colour which you can easily layer up for a more vivid and bold colour. It's mega easy to apply and the formula lasts all day, even though a good gym work out!

Out of the two blushers, I definitely prefer the powder blush over the lacquer. The colour is amazing and for £1 I cannot fault it at all! I've even got my eyes on a few other shades from that collection!

You can check out the blusher here on their website or in store at your local Superdrug!


  1. Very pretty shade! It would look gorgeous in the summer!


  2. great review!
    want to follow each other on GFC? let me know :)


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