Mini Primark Beauty Haul!


On Valentines day, I popped into Primark and of course I wouldn't be me if I didn't walk out with a bag full! I didn't really like many of the clothes out at the moment although I did buy a stripe jumper but the majority of my purchases were beauty related so I thought I would only mention them!

I know that Primark has recently released a make-up collection with great reviews but since it's a few weeks til payday, I thought I would hold back a bit longer until I try out a few products. Everything that I brought today were products I needed on more or an urgent basis. 


Argan Facial Cleansing Wipes | £1
I have no idea why I brought these as they're for people with dry skin and if you've read previous blogs, I have oily skin. I've tried most of the Primark facial wipes as I think they're a bargain for only £1 and to be honest I never see a massive change in my face anyway because of them so I thought they might be nice for in the morning before I start my daily cleansing routine.


Nail Scissors & Blusher Brush | £1.50
I desperately needed a new pair of nail scissors so I was in a bit of a rush to open these and I threw away the receipt so I can't say how much they are but I wouldn't guess that they were over £2. I've bought a few brushes from Primark over the past few years and to say they're only a couple of pound for each, they're not bad. They're a nice cheap alternative for people who don't want to spend loads for a designer set!

lip balmlip balm

Shea Butter Lip Balm | £2
Primark's answer to the EOS lip balms and a nice little bargain for only £2. They come in two different scents but I decided on Shea Butter. I've tried it a little and it smells amazing but I'm not too sure on how long this bad boy will last. Still a nice little lip balm to have knocking around your handbag though!


Volume Shampoo & Conditioner | £3 for both
Aswell as make-up, Primark's also ranging out to some hair products now it seems. They've got shampoo and conditioner sets for Blondes and Brunettes and even a Volume and Moisture as well as heat protector sprays and serums. I thought I would try the shampoo and conditioner first and if I'm impressed try out all the other products in their line.


Bubble bath & Shower Creme | £2 for both
I've seen these a few times on my visits to Primark but I've never actually committed to buying any until today when they were both on sale for £1 each! I tried the Raspberry & Blackberry many moons ago and I absolutely loved it so I can't get to have a shower just to see how amazing the Coconut & Cream smells!



  1. I wish I had a Primark where I live! BTW I nominated you for the Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award you can read more about it here:


    1. Thanks for the nomination :) I'll post my response later today!

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