My Top 10: Travel Bucket List!


Turning 25 this year didn’t really bother me at first as it was just another year but over the past few weeks I’ve been thinking what that I'm actually halfway to 50 which has made me have a “mini mid-life crisis”. 50!

My parents had me when there were 23 and got married not many years after and when I was younger, I always thought that I would be the same and follow their footsteps. I thought I’d have my life all sorted out with a nice boyfriend, good job, house with a mortgage and maybe even plans to start a family. This is not what happened.

Although I like how my life is right now and I wouldn't want to change it, I do sometimes feel like I want to just "add" more in it and the one way I'd like to do that is to travel more! I’ve been on a few holidays in my life but the furthest I’ve ever been was Greece which was great but there’s so many more other new and exciting places I’d love to see before I do "settle down".

I thought I would give myself a little challenge and write up a bucket list of a few dream destinations for me and see how many I can actually achieve!


1. America – There’s so many places in America that I’d love to visit that it would be hard to name just one. Florida, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Las Vegas are just a few of the places I’d love to see. Unfortunately this would only happen if I won the lottery as it would be mega expensive to do everything I wanted.

2. Orca Whale Watching – This isn’t really a destination as I know you can see them in the wild in different places but this is probably my number one thing to do before I die. I love Orca whales and I am strongly against them being kept in captivity (among other animals of course) so seeing them in their natural habitat is a definite must for me.

3.  Italy – Once again, so many places and so little time and money. I’d love to see Milan, Rome, Sicily & Venice mainly. Italian is probably my favourite food group and I’d definitely want to eat some proper home-made pizza & pasta!

4. Egypt – I was a little obsessed with Egyptians when I was in primary school; I remember it was our class project and we all had to make a replica of Tutankhamun mask and mine was obviously the best in the class! All jokes aside though I’d love to see the pyramids and the sphinx up close .

5. Africa – My dad used to live in South Africa when he was a child and he’s always talked about going back for a holiday and I’d definitely like to tag along if my parents ever went. I’d also love to have a safari trip as like the Orca whales, I'd love to see them in their natural habitat although I would be very scared if a lion came chasing after me!

6. Germany – I’m quite fascinated by the history of the war ect and there’s quite a few different monuments that I’d love to visit. I also think visiting an actual Christmas markets in Germany instead of your home city centre would be amazing!

7. Paris – I went to Paris last May and I absolutely loved it! I stayed right next to the Eiffel Tower and I also visited the Louvre and the Arc De Triomphe but I would love to go back and see the Moulin Rouge and the Notre Dame Cathedral.

8. Australia – It always looks like such an amazing place to visit with the lovely beaches and sexy accents. Who wouldn't want to go to Australia?

9. The Caribbean - Because after all that travelling, I think I'm going to need to relax on a beach!

bucket list 

Where would be on your travel bucket list?


  1. Whale watching! I'd love to do that as well. The ocean is so vast & it's a travel destination itself.

    :] // ▲ ▲

    1. Exactly :) Just the thought gives me goosebumps! xo

  2. I actually have done a post like this! I really want to go to New York or the UK! So baddd!!


    1. Even though I live in the UK, there's many places I'd like to visit! xo

  3. I have so much travel planned for 2016. I’ve not taken a proper vacation in years, so I’m kind of going overboard in the upcoming months. We’re visiting all over in India Just for adventure. I can’t believe we’re doing this.
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    1. Go you! I definitely need to get some holidays booked xo