Re-Discovered Products February 2015


As most girls can agree, we like to shop. A LOT! It doesn't matter if it's for new shoes or a new lipstick, we love to go out and splash the cash (even though we have no cash to start with!) Sometimes though when we go shopping we like to buy things that we actually end up forgetting we ever brought and will normally let them fall to the back of our make-up collection never to be seen again. That is until you realise you actually have no room left to put anything so you decide to have a sort out and re-discover them again! It's an endless cycle!

Now a few of these I've actually wrote reviews when I first brought them but since I haven't used them in so long, I still felt like I could include them in this post!

rediscovered products

Rimmel Bronze Powder Blush
A new one for the blog with this and I completely forgot I even had it. I think I brought it a few years ago but I never even opened it from it's plastic wrapping! Instead of throwing it away, I thought I would open it and give it a go and I've found that I really enjoy it. It's perfect for work when I want to make an little effort but not look over the top! It can give a nice subtle glow to my cheeks but can also be built up for a bolder look. Perfect little bronzer!


Seventeen Stay Time 25 Hour Foundation | Review post here
I remember that when I first reviewed this foundation although I really enjoyed it, I did complain about it feeling a little too thick on my skin. Since starting the gym again though, I found that I needed a foundation with long lasting power and this is the foundation that obviously came to mind first. I'm really loving this foundation at the moment and I've found that even on a weekend I will find myself grabbing for it instead of my normal Rimmel foundation. I definitely will be buying another bottle when it's empty!


 Make-up Revolution The Matte Effect Foundation
Another new product and one I'm actually going to be writing a separate blog post for soon! On one of my shopping trips to Superdrug I decided to buy a handful of different Makeup Revolution products to try since they're all so cheap! I was really unsure when I first brought as there weren't any samples to test in Superdrug so I just went with Natural and hoped for the best. The formula is quite watery but it dries nicely when applied to my face. I'm not too sure on the "matte effect" part but it still covers my skin without looking too obvious and once again it's great for work or when I'm out and about in the day. Not bad for £2!


MUA Matte Lipstick Fawn Fancy | Review post here
I love MUA and as soon as they announced that they were releasing a matte lipstick collection, I knew I had to have them all. And I did! I can say hands down every one of these shades are my favourite lipsticks out of everything I own. When I first brought them, I wore all of them non-stop and each shade seemed to go perfectly for whatever occasion I had coming up. After the first initial 5 shades were released though, MUA then released another 2; another brown nude shade and a pale lilac. I went with Fawn Fancy and it's absolutely gorgeous! I'm actually annoyed with myself for forgetting about it in the first place!


Wilkinsons Prime of Your Life Primer | Review post here
I have admitted that I'm normally the worst when it comes to priming and moisturisng my face in the morning but I'm normally too much in a rush getting for work to waste vital minutes applying various different creams! Bad excuse I know! Since doing my little clear out though, I have made a massive effort to try and spare a bit of time to prime my face before applyiing my make-up and I've really noticed a difference. Normally my make-up won't last through half a day but now it can last until at least the late afternoon which for someone who has oily skin, is a win. Trust me!

Is there any products you re-discovered recently?

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