Things I've Been Loving Lately!


This is a post I've been dying to do for a few weeks now but to be honest I've never had enough to fill up a decent post. Does that make me miserable for not "loving" things? Anyway, this week I've been loving a few things so I thought I would finally take that chance to write my first "Loving Lately" post!

1. Fifty Shades of Grey Soundtrack

fifty shades of grey

I managed to get to the cinema with me opening weekend to see Fifty Shades of Grey and since then, I've become a little obsessed to say the least. I really enjoyed the movie and apart from the obviously sexy Jamie Dornan and the gorgeous and witty Dakota Johnson, one thing I really loved in this movie was the soundtrack. Personally my favourite songs are The Weeknd - Earned It and Ellie Goulding - Love You Like I Do but there also some other amazing songs on the album as well including an amazing Crazy In Love remix by Beyonce!

2. EastEnders Memes


I haven't watched EastEnders in over 5 years as I grew bored of the story line but I'm obviously aware about the whole "Who killed Lucy Beale" story line which in my opinion has been dragged out for farrrr too long. This week is finally the reveal of the killers identity but I think the most well known thing will be poor Jo Joyner's line cock-up last night. Like I said I don't watch it so I woke up this morning to hundreds of meme's and videos of these and although I feel so sorry for Jo, I can't help but find this hilarious! Keep the meme's coming!

3. Celebrity Twitter Feuds


I hate to admit that I read the showbiz columns in the newspaper websites but I do! Guilty pleasures and all! Most stories annoy me because I hate how the paparazzi follow people when they're just going to the corner shop or when I get jealous because I see that they have a better car than me. The story that's got me excited this week though is the whole disgust towards Kylie and Tyga relationship. Firstly, I hate the Kardashians. (wait for the backlash) I cannot understand how a family can milk one sex tape for so much fame and I honestly don't know how anyone can class them as "celebrities". 

The twitter bitch-fest between Khloe and Amber Rose has had me in stitches all week and to be honest, I side with Amber regardless of my feelings towards with the Kardashians. The picture above pretty much just explains the situation and I completely gives props to Amber for standing up for herself!

4. Cadbury's Creme Egg Biscuits

cadbury biscuits

I'm trying so hard to keep to my diet but Cadbury have recently released their Creme Egg biscuits and they've now become my chocolate weakness. I love anything Creme egg and this are just delicious, 6 in a pack is just definitely not enough!

5. Going to the gym!

portway gym

I really didn't think I'd love going to the gym but after 3 weeks of starting my membership I'm pleased to say that I've gone everyday after work (excluding one day when it snowed!). I haven't got sick of it and I've found that I actually enjoy it! I can just shove my earphones on, put some dance/pop song on to keep me motivated and I'm away!

This is pretty much everything I've been loving this week.
What have you been loving recently?


  1. I haven't seen 50 Shades yet (I didn't really like the book) but I love the Ellie Goulding song. Those Cadbury's biscuits look AMAZING too! X

    1. The movie had less sex scenes and more romance than the book so you might enjoy the film more? I definitely recommend giving a watch though! And the biscuits are amazing! I could happily sit and eat multiple packs! xo

  2. Oh my god those biscuits!!! I'm really craving them now haha :)

    1. I warn you they are extremely delicious and addictive! lol :) xo