Wednesday Wishlist: Sole Affair!


Every girl loves a good shopping spree whether it's clothes, shoes or handbags, it doesn't matter as long as we get lovely new things. When we hit the shops, we normally hit them hard. If I didn't have a job, I'd happily spend my days online shopping in my pyjamas. Not even going to deny that!

A website I've been loving recently though is Sole Affair. They have some seriously amazing shoes and boots at some awesomely low prices! But it gets better, not only do Sole Affair have a great range of shoes but they also have some amazing handbags and purses on sale too. What more could a girl want? Because there was so much that I wanted to buy, I thought I would do a little wish list of all the items I'm loving.
sole affair wishlist

I'm a little obsessed with ankle height boots at the moment which is why they're my first pick - oh trust me, it could have been a lot more than just two pairs. The first pair were these GORGEOUS burgundy chunky Chelsea boots. Not only are they a nice chunky heel, but they're also in my favourite colour! I love burgundy in the Autumn/Winter as it's such a deep warm colour and I even have a winter coat they would match perfectly. Next, I went for these black Chelsea boot as I really love the zip detail! I've not seen anything like these in other shops and I love that it has a more edgy look then plain Chelsea boots.

Over than my obsession with ankle boots, I also have a big love for ballerina shoes. Or "dolly" shoes as I love to call them. You can never go wrong with a good pair of ballerina shoes though as they always go with any outfit and are just an essential for my wardrobe. A pair that I was extremely loving were the black diamanté bow loafer type shoes. I like the quirky one sided design of the bow and I think these would be really nice for work. Boring I know! The next pair of flats I picked were these gorgeous cream t-bar shoes. There was something nostalgic about them which made me think of being a little girl at school and I love the fact that it's now fashionable to wear them as an adult. Not only are they cute but I also remember them being amazingly comfortable!

Summer is right around the corner (I hope!) so I'm going to need to start getting my summer wardrobe ready. When it comes to shoes in the Summer though I do tend to stick to one or two pairs of sandals and they normally last me through. I really love these t-post strappy sandals because they're perfect for days out and on the night because of the cute cold block heel. I'd definitely be sorted for Summer if I had a pair of these!

Like I said above, Sole Affair also have a great range of handbags and purses so obviously it would be rude to not include some of them in my wish list! I have to admit I'm a little boring when it comes to bags though and I normally tend to stick to simple black or brown bags (Paul Boutique bags were definitely not for me!). Luckily for me though, Sole Affair had this covered with this gorgeous black leather bag and the brown large tote shopper bag. They both seem like they're big enough to carry all my must-haves yet not feel like I'm carrying the kitchen sink!

That's everything I'm loving and I hope you liked my wishlist!
You can check out the rest of their store on their website here!


  1. This shopper bag is awesome! Literally felt in love with it :) i also like these t-bar flats, they look so adorable! thank you for the site, i'm going to check it out now xx

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    1. Thank you :) I will go and check out her blog xo

  3. Have a nice weekend :)
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  4. I love the cream tbar flats :) I dunno why but I am always drawn to 'geeky' shoes!
    Great post xx

    Sam | Samantha Betteridge

    1. Thank you :) They have a great range of other shoes like this and it was hard to just pick the one pair! xo