Tag Tuesday: The Disney Tag!


Most of my childhood consisted of watching multiple Disney films, playing with my toys or twirling around my bedroom pretending to be a princess. And to be honest not much has changed even today so I thought I would show my love for Disney by taking the Disney tag!

disney tag

1. Favourite Disney movie? 
Sleeping Beauty. No questions asked! 

2. Walt Disney World or Disneyland? 
I've only been to Disneyland so I'd have to say that! I would love to see Disney World though :( 

3. Favourite Disney character? 
My favourite princess is Aurora but my favourite character from all films has to be probably the kittens from Aristocats. I love them all so much :) 

4. The first Disney movie you remember seeing in the theatres? 
I don't remember any before this but I think it's The Emperor's New Groove. I LOVED that film when it came out! 

5. What type of Disney item do you collect the most? (Pins, Vinylmation, dolls, etc.)
I used to collect the snow globes but I only brought the Sleeping Beauty ones so it's hardly a collection lol 

6. Your favourite Disney song? 
Ooh I can't decide that! Kiss the girl is probably the first one that comes to mind! 

7. Favourite attraction/ride at the parks? 
It's an ongoing family joke that when I was little I absolutely loved the It's A Small World ride and when we went to Disneyland I wouldn't go on anything else! 

8. What is your dream job at Disney? 
I'd love to be a princess but I don't think I'd be able to keep in character for so long! 

9. Who's the park character you never want to miss meeting at the parks? 
Sleeping Beauty! She's the answer to probably all these questions! Last time I went to Disneyland though I was petrified of all the people in costume so I probably wouldn't take any pictures haha 

10. What's your most treasured Disney item? 
I have an old Sleeping Beauty figurine which is gorgeous but I also have a Beauty and the Beast plastic red rose from my first Disney On Ice. Oh, and I also have a Marie big teddy bear from my first Disneyland visit back in 1994! 

11. Which Disney voice actor would you most like to meet? 
Definitely Ariel's voice actor - Jodi Benson. Her voice is amazing! 

12. Favourite Disney movie that's not a classic/famous? 
Aren't they all famous? If not, I'd say Homeward Bound. I loved that film when I was little and I was a little surprised to see it was a Disney film. 

13. If you could say anything to Walt Disney right now, what would it be?

14. Your favourite snack to get at the parks? (Churros, Mickey's Ice Cream Bars, etc.)
Well I went when I was about 4 so I have no idea!

15. Your favourite parade/show at the parks?
The only parade I remember from when I went was the Electrical parade. It was so pretty!

16. Flounder, Sebastian, or Scuttle?
Flounder! My mom has a big ol' stuffed animal of him and I've been trying to steal it off her for years!

17. Your favourite Disney memory?
From visiting the park or just in general? If park then obviously the It's A Small World ride and in general, I really have no idea. There's too many!

18. Do you have a favourite pair of Mickey ears?
My Minnie Mouse ears :)

19. If you could, what "forgotten princess" would you add to the official lineup?
I know there's probably a few other Princesses/Queens from old films but I like the official line-up so I wouldn't change it!

20. Your favourite princess dress/outfit?
Sleeping Beauty OBV! Though I did used to have a cute little Belle dress when I was little and you could never get me out of it! 

21. Your favourite Disney soundtrack?
The Little Mermaid. So many fun songs in that movie! 

22. Genie, Abu, Carpet, Iago, or Rajah?
The Genie! Robin Williams was hysterical

23. Favourite restaurant at the parks?
I don't really remember where we ate so I couldn't comment! 

24. How did you first discover the "magic" of Disney?
I grew up watching Disney films. I don't think there's anything more magical then watching little kids pretending to be their favourite character from a Disney film.

25. What attraction are you most likely to go to first when you're at the parks?
I love theme parks for rides so I'd probably head there. If not, definitely the shops! Gotta get some souvenirs!

26. Your favourite "iconic" moment? (ex. Ariel on the rock, Aladdin finding the lamp, Rafiki lifting Simba, etc.) 
OMG So many to choose from! Because I love Sleeping Beauty, I'm going to say when the prince kisses her and the whole kingdom wakes up. Tears stream when she slowly opens her eyes and smiles at him!

27. What's the saddest moment for you in any Disney film?
Either Mufasa dying or Bambi finding out his mother is dead. OMG They nearly killed me!

28. Best Disney kiss?
All of them? I don't remember any of them standing out to me

29. If you could live in any world from a Disney movie, which would you choose?
I'd say any of them. I'm not too fussed!

30. Favourite Disney musical sequence based on spectacle/animation?
I used to like The Little Mermaid - Kiss The Girl. How is not just the prettiest scene ever?

kiss the girl 

31. Which Disney princess has the best sidekicks?
Mmm I'd say Belle. I loved Lumiere and Cogsworth and I thought they were an hilarious comedy duo!

32. If you could have a party themed around any Disney movie, which one would you pick?
Well obviously a Princess party would be amazing but 

33. Are you the only one obsessed with Disney in your family? Or does it run in the family?
Nearly my whole family on my moms side loves Disney!

34. Lumiere, Mrs. Potts, Cogsworth, or Chip?
Chip :) I still have a mug of him from my Disneyland Paris visit!

35. What are your top five favourite Disney blogs on Tumblr?
I have to admit that I don't follow any! I will change to find me some!

36. If you could choose the plot/adaptation for the next Disney movie, what would it be? Most Disney films include an inspirational theme where people overcome problems in their life so maybe just something along the same lines. Disney films are just amazing pick me ups and I wouldn't want to change that!

37. Favourite hotel at the parks?
I don't remember where we stayed when I went to Disneyland but all the different themed ones in Disney World look amazing!

38. Which Disney movie do you turn to when you're sad/upset?
I don't have just one, I have a few. Any of the princess films or anything more comedy based.

39. The Aladdin show or The Little Mermaid show?
The Little Mermaid cause I like their songs better!

40. Do you plan to have/have you had your honeymoon at a Disney park?
I would love to but I'd need to have a word with the would-be husband!

41. Favourite piece of Disney clothing/accessory to wear?
I don't actually think I have anything Disney related.

42. Post a picture of yourself that's Disney-related.
I don't actually think I have any pictures of me. Unless I route out the old childhood albums and find one from when I was younger!

43. Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck?
Mickey definitely. He's the original!

44. What Disney movies/worlds would you like to see in the next Kingdom Hearts game?
I've never played any of the Kingdom Hearts games so any! I'm sure they'll be bumming of Frozen now :( BORE!

45. Which Disney movie, even if it's not your favourite, will always have a special place in your heart and for what reason?
The Fox and The Hound. I remember watching it all the time around my nan's so I will always associate that film with her.


Mini Avon Beauty Haul!


It's been a while since I've ordered anything from Avon and when my friend actually stopped being our Avon rep I have to admit I was a little heartbroken. Although I do really love a few products from them, Avon make-up has always been a bit hit and miss with me. I like being able to test and try my products before buying and obviously if you're just picking from a magazine, you lose that aspect of shopping. It feels like you have to properly do your research beforehand before ordering something incase it arrives and you don't like it.

Avon's beauty and perfume range on the other hand are amazing and have hardly ever disappointed me. Although you could say you have the same problem as the make-up, I'd say you don't as nearly every magazine I've said, they've always had testers on most pages so you can smell what the creams/perfumes are like before buying. Obviously over the years I've naturally built up a good and bad list as well from ordering different products myself!

When I found out that another one of my friends had started doing Avon, I demanded a book so I could flick through to see all the new products they'd had since I last ordered. Although there was a few great make-up products that stood out to me, I thought I'd play it safe and just order shower gels and a perfume.

far away

Far Away Bella Sunset | £7.00 (on offer)
I've brought a few different fragrances from Avon and to be honest, I've never come across one that I've not liked. I have the original Far Away which can be a little strong but my all time favourite was their Far Away Bella (confusing, I know!) They're all a very sweet and floral scent but the Bella/Bella Sunset are far more light and fresh. The bottles are all very similar and adorable with the little bows and even for £13 (original price) it's a great little bargain perfume. I would definitely recommend trying out the Far Away collection!

All of these products are currently on offer for 4 for £5 which is an absolute bargain! I've tried many of their Natural range before and the scents are just to die for! My personal favourite used to be the black cherry shower gel but since they've released the new Passion fruit and Peony, I thought that I would give that a go in their room and fabric spritz.

As I said above that I love Avon shower gels, it would be rude not to try out some of their new scents! There was so many to pick from but I eventually went with Secret Kiss in their gel and Mystique in their cream. Both of these smell amazing and to be honest, I can't wait to take a shower!

Lastly I picked up the Naturals almond and avocado hair conditioning balm. I was a little stuck on what to use my last product on and I eventually decided to try out their hair treatments. I've used Avon's shampoo and conditioners before and I always loved them but I never branched out into treatments. I love the smell of this balm and even if it doesn't work wonders on my hair, my locks will still come out smelling amazing!

AliExpress Long Lasting Lip Lacquers!


I love a bargain and one of my new favourite places to look is AliExpress. I've ordered a few things from there before (haul here) and although I found a few products were hit and miss, I have still found some amazing goodies from that website and I will everyday find myself flicking through lip glosses and statement necklaces on my AliExpress app.

One products I've been dying to try was these long lasting lip lacquers. I've seen a few other bloggers talking about them and how good they are for the price so of course next time I went on my app, I ordered me two. Obviously because it's China, the delivery time is foreverrr and they finally arrived last week so here's my review!

lip gloss
Top is wearing 3 and bottom is 26.

I do have similar shades in my lip cremes from the Collection range (review here) which I was a little disappointed with but I don't think you can tell so much what shade you're ordering until it pops through your door. Although I have got similar colours, I did find that these lip lacquers were a lot more pigmented and seemed to give my lips a bit more depth than the Collection cremes which were just one block colour.

The one point I wasn't that keen about was after applying, they made my lips feel really stiff and like I couldn't move my mouth to talk. Compared to the lip cremes, they're a lot drier and felt very uncomfortable. Maybe if you mixed them with lip balm or gloss, they could be a perfect lip stick!

Overall, for less than £1 they're a great little bargain and would definitely recommend giving them a try!

 You can check out the lip lacquers here on Aliexpress.

Ombré Touch Up: L'Oreal Féria Préférence Hair Colour


As Spring is just around the corner, I normally like to change my hair from my natural medium brown hair to match the season with a lighter look. Isn't it true that hair is also an accessory? Even after about 2 years of having the Ombré look, I'm still loving it and I thought I would try and "touch it up" for the warmer months. 

Like I said above, I've had Ombré for a while now and normally I'll get sick of a hair style or colour and want a change but my gorgeous blonde tips have always made me happy so I've decided to once again keep it and instead of starting all over, to just dye the ends with a permenant hair colour.

When I first ventured into the Ombré world I had to use a lot of bleach as my natural hair was quite dark and although it got the shade of blonde that I wanted, it did damage my hair quite a bit. Instead of going through the whole fizzy hair and horrible "chewing gum" ends, I thought I would attempt to build up the colour by using a blonde lightening hair colour instead. On one of my recent trips to Tesco I popped down the hair colouring aisle and decided to pick me up the L'Oreal Paris Feria Preference in p01 which is one of their ultra light metallic silver blondes.

hair collage
Before | During | After

I know you can't really see a big difference as the lighting is different in the pictures but I myself can see a slight difference to my blonde right at the ends. I wasn't expecting to apply this dye, wash it out and find that my hairs gone platinum as my hair is far too fark for that but I was hoping for a little bit more as my ends were quite light to start with. As I said above I'm a little hestitant to use bleach but I think it might be on my only answer to get the shade of blonde I want.

Apart from the not so good result the good thing that I loved about this hair dye was the high shine concentrate oil that you mix in with the colour developer. After dying, my hair feels AMAZING! It's so soft and I hardly need any leave-in products. Also, I would buy this dye just for the high shine conditioner as the smell reminds me of those oil bath balls that I think everyone obsessed with in the 90s. 

I'm not sure I would buy this hair colour again because I wasn't impressed the result but for someone who had lighter hair or wanted to dye it a darker colour - I would definitely recommend this brand!

Tag Tuesday: The Hair Tag!


Another week and another tag and this weeks tag is all about hair! I tag everyone who reads this to take the tag themselves over on their blog!

disney hair

1. Why did you start taking better care of your hair? 
When I started my Hairdressing course back in 2006 and I’d just turned 16. I found it very interesting to learn more about hair and all the different hair types and the products that work and don’t work for the hair types. 

2. What are your 2 favourite hair products? 
At the moment, it’s the Garnier Ultimate Blends coconut oil and Tresemme smoothing serum! 

3. Whose hair did you admire as a child? 
Urm I don’t think I admired anyone’s hair when I was child as I was more interested in being with friends etc. but when I was a teenager I used to love looking through celeb mags and drooling over their luscious locks! 

4. What is your ultimate goal length? 
Probably about waist length 

5. How are you going to celebrate when you reach your ultimate goal length? 
I don’t think I’d celebrate it to be honest. Do other people celebrate their hair?! 

6. Two styles you want to try at your goal length? 
Casual beach curls, I love that look on longer hair and probably a few up dos I just can’t do with my current length of hair! 

7. Which do you prefer: Health or Length? 
I’ve had length before but my hair was in terrible condition so I’d definitely say health now! 

8. Which do you prefer: hair ties with no metal parts or butterfly clips? 
 I have been using butterfly clips a lot recently to work but when I go to the gym I use my invisibobble! 

9. What products do you prefer: salon brands, organic brands, BSS brands, Drugstore brands, or other? 
I do normally go for drugstore brands but that’s purely because I can easily access them when I’m out food shopping. 

10. Which product/technique do you think is over-rated? 
Although I absolutely loved the smell, it's got to be the Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment. I used it like the instructions said and I still didn't notice a difference in my hair. 

11. Which product/technique do you think is under-rated? 
Applying dry shampoo at night. I know most people use this technique regularly but I only just started trying it last week and my hair is already so much more managable in mornings. 

12. What is your favourite part of your hair regimen? 
Conditioning treatments once a week! My hair always feels lush afterwards. 

13. What is the most annoying part of your hair regimen? 
De tangling and drying my hair 

14. Oils or Butters? 

15. Buns or Ponytails? 

16. Wigs or Weaves? 
Both? I've never tried either so why not! 

17. What is your opinion of growth aids? 
I've tried a few but never really found any I've been impressed with. I'd definitely love to hear of any products that's helped other people though! 

18. At what length do you consider hair long? 
Probably just past the shoulders? 

19. When is the last time you visited a salon? 
Ooh about April last year. I only went because I won a voucher in a raffle! 

20. What do you like to surf most often: YouTube channels, personal blogs, or hair forums? 
Probably blogs as I love reading other peoples experiences and opninions on products. I do watch YouTube every once in a while as well. 

21. And finally, what piece of advice would you give to someone just starting out on their hair journey? 
Experiment a little with products and hairstyles, try and find the ones that work best for you. Follow a few bloggers and read other people's journeys for inspiration!

Step Into Spring: Glossybox March 2015!


Despite not completely loving my Glossyboxes recently, I decided to continue my subscription for a few more months before I decide whether to cancel it or not.  Although I'd seen a few teasers as to what was in this month's box, I have to admit that I've been really with work so I haven't really paid much attention. But on the plus side, that meant more a surprise when it finally did arrive!


In this month's box!


NAOBAY Moisturising Peeling Milk | £ 13.71
This was probably the one product that I saw that Glossybox previewed before receiving the box and for once it's actually a skin care products that I'm looking forward to testing out! I really love the packaging of the cream and excited to see the results of the formula on my face. Pamper night is definitely needed!
essence mascara

Essence Lash Princess Volume Mascara | £3.30
Yay! Another Essence product and what an adorable product it is! I really enjoyed the last mascara they sent me (Back in August last year!) and I love the look of this "cobra head-shaped" wand. I'll definitely be using this with my every day routine tomorrow morning!

Dove Advanced Youth Vitality Shampoo & Conditioner | £5.99
For aging hair? I'm 24! Thanks for making me feel old Glossybox! Either way I'm going to turn down free shampoo and conditioner! Although I really want to use, I'm really tempted to keep them for when I go on holiday next. Perfect hand luggage size!

ncLA Nail Lacquer | £13
I love receiving new nail varnishes as I have to admit I never seem to buy any myself when I go out shopping. At first I wasn't that keen on the colour but once I applied to test it I soon fell in love with it and I definitely think this is a perfect Summer colour!

Sleek MakeUP Pout Paint | £4.99
Normally I don't go for the bright red lips look so I'm not sure how much I'm going to like this product. In the short description for this lip paint, it does say you can either apply on it's own in different strengths (faint or "very-in-your-face") or even mix it together with another lipstick so at least you're not stuck with just one use of it. Personally I don't see the point as I suppose you could do this with any lip products but I will still give this a go regardless!

Overall I'm really loving this months box and I'm super excited for next month's box! The little teasers for April look amazing so I definitely think I'll be staying with Glossybox for a little bit longer!

Life: Things I Do When I'm bored!


Even with work, your personal life and of couse blogging and all the time that that takes, theres always those times when you fine that you have just a few hours to yourself. I don't know about you though but I will always jump at the chance to go and have a bit of "me" time and there's a few definite things that I love doing so as it's the weekend and I will definitely get some me time, I thought  I would share my little list!

1. Listen to music

ipod tumblr

I love plugging my earphones in and blasting some music when I'm doing my chores around the house and I find that it actually makes the time go quicker. Plus having a little dance around the kitchen whilst doing a bit of baking. 

2. Play games

couple playstation

I don't care how nerdy this makes me sound but I LOVE gaming. Whether it's Mario Kart on my 3DS, COD on my playstation or The Sims 3 on my PC, there is nothing better to me than chilling out playing games.

3.  Read Blogs


If I'm not working on my own blog, I'm normally searching the web for inspiration or for other blogs to follow. I think Bloglovin is perfect for finding these blogs and I even found a few of my favourites on there! My personal genre to search for is DIYs as I love being able to make my own things for around the house.

4. Clean


As sad as it sounds, I enjoy cleaning. I just think there's nothing better than having a good cleaning session and then sitting back and appreciating all your hard work. Nothing beats having a clean house and I've become really house proud since moving out. You don't realise how much you enjoy the smell of cleaning products!

5. Read a book


When I lived back at my parents, every Sunday night I would run myself a bath and spend about 3-4 hours in there just reading through whatever book I was on. I LOVE reading but since moving out I have to admit that I haven't really made time for it. When I do make the time, I'm always really glad that I did as I love the thought of snuggling up in bed getting engrossed in a good book. My perfect me time!

6. Bake!


If all of the above don't tickle my fancy, I will normally escape to the kitchen and starting baking a cake. I really enjoy baking and one of my favourite things to do with my mom  when I was little to whip out my Tom & Jerry cake kit and spend the day making yummy cakes. Even now I get excited when I go shopping for baking supplies!

What do you do when you're bored?

All pictures are either mine or from Tumblr :)

Tag Tuesday | The "Me Time" Tag


Following on from my post a few backs about what I like to do to chill out, I found this cute little tag over on Mary's blog Mary Bloomy and since she tagged everyone who read, I thought continue the "Me Time" theme and complete the tag! Once again, like Mary, feel free to take the tag yourself! :)
 me time tag

What do you watch or read during me-time? 
I like to read through other blogs, comment on posts I like and hopefully take some inspiration for posts on my own blog. I have also started reading Fifty Shades again (yes, I'm obsessed) so I like to take a few hours out of the day to snuggle in bed with my book! 

What do you wear during me-time? 
Leggings are a definite must but I normally pair that with a casual dress or T-shirt and skirt. Oh, and my big fluffy slipper boots. Another must!

What are your me-time beauty products?
Either a face mask of some sort or a hair treatment. I love treating myself every now and then. Light a few candles, glass of wine and some relaxing music. Amazing! 

Current favourite nail polish? 
I don't really wear nail polish any more and will normally stick to a natural French manicure look but if I do paint my nails I would normally go for my Maybelline Color Show in Burgundy Kiss. It's a dark red wine colour and I currently wear it on my toes! 

What do you eat/drink during me-time? 
Probably something bad that I shouldn't. Normally chocolate or sweets and a glass of wine. I'm sounding like a right alcoholic! 

Current favourite candle? 
I wouldn't say I have a favourite although I did buy a Yankee Candle once and I really loved it but I forgot it was called :( I normally like vanilla scented candles though, boring I know! 

Do you ever have outdoor me-time? 
When I come home from work early in the Summer and I go outside to sunbathe. Does that count? 

Would you ever go see a movie alone? 
I never have but to be honest, besides going to see Fifty Shades this past weekend, I can't remember the last time I went to the cinemas. So probably not! 

Favourite online shop? 
eBay! I love a good bargain! 

Anything to add? What else do you do on me-time? 
Blog :) Like I said above, I'm normally looking through other blogs or I'm writing my own. I’m also a big fan of my YouTube so if I’m not doing anything blog related, you can pretty much find me catching up on my latest PewDiePie videos!