AliExpress Long Lasting Lip Lacquers!


I love a bargain and one of my new favourite places to look is AliExpress. I've ordered a few things from there before (haul here) and although I found a few products were hit and miss, I have still found some amazing goodies from that website and I will everyday find myself flicking through lip glosses and statement necklaces on my AliExpress app.

One products I've been dying to try was these long lasting lip lacquers. I've seen a few other bloggers talking about them and how good they are for the price so of course next time I went on my app, I ordered me two. Obviously because it's China, the delivery time is foreverrr and they finally arrived last week so here's my review!

lip gloss
Top is wearing 3 and bottom is 26.

I do have similar shades in my lip cremes from the Collection range (review here) which I was a little disappointed with but I don't think you can tell so much what shade you're ordering until it pops through your door. Although I have got similar colours, I did find that these lip lacquers were a lot more pigmented and seemed to give my lips a bit more depth than the Collection cremes which were just one block colour.

The one point I wasn't that keen about was after applying, they made my lips feel really stiff and like I couldn't move my mouth to talk. Compared to the lip cremes, they're a lot drier and felt very uncomfortable. Maybe if you mixed them with lip balm or gloss, they could be a perfect lip stick!

Overall, for less than £1 they're a great little bargain and would definitely recommend giving them a try!

 You can check out the lip lacquers here on Aliexpress.
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