Beauty: How Much Does My Everyday Face Cost?


After one of my recent clear outs I started to notice that there was tons of different products that I'd brought on one of my shopping hauls that I'd used the once or twice and then completely forgot about. And that started me thinking just how much of my income was going on my little obsession with make-up.

First of all, I know I use the make-up sponge backwards but I honestly find this way a lot easier and more comfortable to apply my foundation with. Plus I would definitely poke myself in the eye with it so I'm just preventing accidents. Moving on though - a few of the products as you can see below are from the brand Seventeen and this is purely because nearly everytime I go into Boots there's some sort of offer on the brand and since I love them all so much, it would be rude not to abuse the offers?

everyday makeup

Products used:

Total cost: £43.15!

I'm really shocked and a little pleased with the actual total because I thought it would be a lot more. The thing I love the most about my everyday collection is the fact that all of them are from high street stores and the most expensive product is my foundation at £6.49! A few of these products as well I didn't even pay full price for as I said above, most times I go in Superdrug or Boots there's offers so techincally the total price should be a lot lower!


Take the challenge and see how much your face costs!


  1. You makeup looks natural and lovely

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

    1. Thank you :) I like to keep my every day make-up very simple! xo

  2. I really like your products and it's great that you showed how much it costs. Maybe I should see how my products cost. Great post.


    1. Thank you :) I think it's such an interesting post to make because it's not something you think of a lot! xo