Life: Things I Do When I'm bored!


Even with work, your personal life and of couse blogging and all the time that that takes, theres always those times when you fine that you have just a few hours to yourself. I don't know about you though but I will always jump at the chance to go and have a bit of "me" time and there's a few definite things that I love doing so as it's the weekend and I will definitely get some me time, I thought  I would share my little list!

1. Listen to music

ipod tumblr

I love plugging my earphones in and blasting some music when I'm doing my chores around the house and I find that it actually makes the time go quicker. Plus having a little dance around the kitchen whilst doing a bit of baking. 

2. Play games

couple playstation

I don't care how nerdy this makes me sound but I LOVE gaming. Whether it's Mario Kart on my 3DS, COD on my playstation or The Sims 3 on my PC, there is nothing better to me than chilling out playing games.

3.  Read Blogs


If I'm not working on my own blog, I'm normally searching the web for inspiration or for other blogs to follow. I think Bloglovin is perfect for finding these blogs and I even found a few of my favourites on there! My personal genre to search for is DIYs as I love being able to make my own things for around the house.

4. Clean


As sad as it sounds, I enjoy cleaning. I just think there's nothing better than having a good cleaning session and then sitting back and appreciating all your hard work. Nothing beats having a clean house and I've become really house proud since moving out. You don't realise how much you enjoy the smell of cleaning products!

5. Read a book


When I lived back at my parents, every Sunday night I would run myself a bath and spend about 3-4 hours in there just reading through whatever book I was on. I LOVE reading but since moving out I have to admit that I haven't really made time for it. When I do make the time, I'm always really glad that I did as I love the thought of snuggling up in bed getting engrossed in a good book. My perfect me time!

6. Bake!


If all of the above don't tickle my fancy, I will normally escape to the kitchen and starting baking a cake. I really enjoy baking and one of my favourite things to do with my mom  when I was little to whip out my Tom & Jerry cake kit and spend the day making yummy cakes. Even now I get excited when I go shopping for baking supplies!

What do you do when you're bored?

All pictures are either mine or from Tumblr :)
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