Ombré Touch Up: L'Oreal Féria Préférence Hair Colour


As Spring is just around the corner, I normally like to change my hair from my natural medium brown hair to match the season with a lighter look. Isn't it true that hair is also an accessory? Even after about 2 years of having the Ombré look, I'm still loving it and I thought I would try and "touch it up" for the warmer months. 

Like I said above, I've had Ombré for a while now and normally I'll get sick of a hair style or colour and want a change but my gorgeous blonde tips have always made me happy so I've decided to once again keep it and instead of starting all over, to just dye the ends with a permenant hair colour.

When I first ventured into the Ombré world I had to use a lot of bleach as my natural hair was quite dark and although it got the shade of blonde that I wanted, it did damage my hair quite a bit. Instead of going through the whole fizzy hair and horrible "chewing gum" ends, I thought I would attempt to build up the colour by using a blonde lightening hair colour instead. On one of my recent trips to Tesco I popped down the hair colouring aisle and decided to pick me up the L'Oreal Paris Feria Preference in p01 which is one of their ultra light metallic silver blondes.

hair collage
Before | During | After

I know you can't really see a big difference as the lighting is different in the pictures but I myself can see a slight difference to my blonde right at the ends. I wasn't expecting to apply this dye, wash it out and find that my hairs gone platinum as my hair is far too fark for that but I was hoping for a little bit more as my ends were quite light to start with. As I said above I'm a little hestitant to use bleach but I think it might be on my only answer to get the shade of blonde I want.

Apart from the not so good result the good thing that I loved about this hair dye was the high shine concentrate oil that you mix in with the colour developer. After dying, my hair feels AMAZING! It's so soft and I hardly need any leave-in products. Also, I would buy this dye just for the high shine conditioner as the smell reminds me of those oil bath balls that I think everyone obsessed with in the 90s. 

I'm not sure I would buy this hair colour again because I wasn't impressed the result but for someone who had lighter hair or wanted to dye it a darker colour - I would definitely recommend this brand!


  1. Looks great, I went ombre too but it damaged my ends so much I am keeping it one colour now


    1. Mine was the same but I just love ombre so much :( xo

  2. This looks so natural! Well done on doing it yourself, I'd make such a mess! x

    Josie’s Journal

  3. Wow looks amazing =]