The This or That Tag!


I was recently tagged by Maria over on in1997 to do the This or That tag. Obviously I love my tags and I really couldn’t say no!

this or that 

1. High End or Drugstore?
Definitely Drugstore! All of my everyday products are things you can easily find in either Superdrug or Boots and I personally think that some of the products are just as good as high end!

2. Straight or Curly hair? 
My hair is naturally wavy but I would love curly hair! If it didn't damage my hair so much or take forever to do, I would curl my hair everyday.
3. Summer or Winter?
Definitely Summer. I love how pretty the snow can be but you can't beat days out somewhere by the sea feeling the sun on your face! Plus I have a ton of new summer dresses that I can't wait to wear!

4. Coffee or Tea?
Neither! I hate hot drinks and will much prefer a cold glass of squash! I know, burn me at the stake now!

5. Late Night or Early Morning?
Late night definitely. I hate being up early in mornings and I feel like I'm always rushing around to get ready for work! Weekends are best for staying up later watching Netflix and  amazing lie-ins!

6. TV or YouTube?
Definitely YouTube. Unless it's Netflix. That would be a hard decision!

7. North or South?
Urmm I'm from the West Midlands which is sort of western central so I'd Middle!

8. Heels or Flats?
Flats all the way. I only wear heels when I go out with friends and even then I can't really walk well in them.

9. Night in or Night out?
Night in :) If you'd have asked a few years ago, I'd have said Night Out with the girls but there's nothing better than snuggling up on the sofa, ordering pizza with a bottle of wine catching up on our Netflix! Perfect night right there!

10. Save or Spend?
I'd like to say save but I can't resist a good haul in Primark!

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If I haven't tagged you, please still feel free to do this tag yourself! :)

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