April Payday Primark Haul!


I can't even remember the last time I actually went shopping and treated myself with lots of goodies so when payday finally rolled around this month, I was straight up my local shopping centre! My favourite shop to spend my money is Primark and of course this was the first place I headed. Of course I thought that I would write a quick blog post to show you everything that I brought!

primark haul


White high neck float top | £9
Primark have currently got TONNES of gorgeous Spring/Summer tops and to be honest it was hard to pick which one to buy. I decided to get this high necked sleeveless floating top for only £9! It has a chiffon under layer which just adds to the floaty look. I really love this top and it's super slimming for the bigger girls!


Black & White Vest Top | £4
I didn't see this top at first as it was next to all of Primark's beach clothing but as soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it. As you can see from the picture it's just a plain vest top until you turn it around and see the gorgeous crochet cut-out panel at the back. It's a complete bargain for only £4 and I even managed to pick one up in white as well!


White Slash Back Top | £9
I was on the look out for just a plain white top and this one was exactly what I was looking for. As you can see the back is mega revealing and I actually took it home and altered this slightly so not all of my back is showing!


90's Girl Vest | £4
I know all the slogan t-shirts are a bit old and "done" now but I couldn't resist when I was this cute little pink vest top. Of course I was born in the 90's so I thought it was very appropriate to buy this for myself!


Black Gypsy Dress | £13
Although it's obviously Summer soon, Primark's selection of dresses are not that impressive this year. I did however take a liking to this pretty but simple black gypsy dress. You can wear it several different ways; sleeveless, on your shoulders or just resting below your shoulders. I thought this would be perfect for days out or hopefully a holiday 

Boxer pants | £1.70 each
Obviously you can't deny yourself a little visit to Primark's lingerie section; their boxer/boy shorts are my favourite so of course I picked myself up a few more to my collection.

T-Shirt Bra | £5
I cannot rave more about this bra; it is SO comfy! This is my 5th bra from this range that I've brought and it's probably the best bra that I've ever brought from Primark. Plus it's great value for only a fiver!

Black Gladiator Sandals | £8
There was so many gorgeous shoes and sandals this year at Primark and it was difficult to pick which ones to buy. I eventually went with these plain gladiator style sandals which were a complete bargain for only £8!

Black Patterned Sandals | £8
I actually forgot I brought these as I got them a few weeks ago but I still thought I'd include them as they're still from this season! Since buying them I honestly don't think I've took them off. They're gorgeous and they're so comfortable. Bargain for only £8!


2 Row Necklace | £2
I actually brought this to go with the very first top but I don't think it will be long enough. It's still a super cute little duo set and I'm sure I'll find something to wear it with!

Haribo | £1 each
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