Ebay Bargain: Make-up Brushes!


Everyone loves a good bargain and it's even better when it's for something you've been desperate for but really didn't want to splash the cash on it. For me, that item was make-up brushes!

At the moment I use my make-up sponge to apply my foundation but all my other blushers and bronzers are applied with the same two brushes so I normally get a mixture of different blushers instead of just the one! Bad beauty blogger me!

On one of my Bloglovin reading sprees, I came across a post where a beauty blogger had brought two sets of make-up brushes from eBay. Obviously I cannot remember who this blogger was and have even scanned through all my saved posts - no luck! Apologies to you and also a massive Thank You for the recommendation!


As soon as payday came along I put my order in for these brushes and about 2 weeks later they were finally posted through my letter box! They're exactly what they look like in the pictures on eBay and for how cheap they are, they're quite good quality.

Overall I'm super pleased with these brushes and I think they're an absolue bargain for the price I paid for them! I haven't tested out the eyeshadow brushes that much at the moment but I'm really loving the larger brushes for applying my bronzer/blusher.

You can check them out here on their eBay pages:

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