Samina Pure Mineral Make-Up Review!


On my little re-discovery venture while cleaning out my blogging room, I've been coming across so many "forgotten" make-up and beauty products that it's actually getting to the point where it's embarassing. Who knew I brought some much stuff?!

My latest find was my Samina Mineral make-up set that I brought from 2013's Birmingham Clothes Show (post here). Yup, that long ago. I always wanted to make a review post about these products but I obviously didn't get round to it and it got a little lost in translation with my moving out etc.

To not waste a good opportunity for a blog, I thought I would go ahead and review it anyway!

mineral make-up
Ignore my bad eyebrows!
Now I've never tried mineral make-up before but I've always heard good things about it from lots of different people so when I saw the stand in the Birmingham Clothes Show, I ran straight to it and asked for one of the sales assistant to help me pick out which shade was for me. In the end she said the Fair/Warm Glow was closest to my skin tone so I went to the till and here we are today!

As you can see from the picture it does fit my skin tone quite well but overall I was quite disappointed. Normally I will opt for foundations with a high coverage as I have quite a few spots and blemishes and a lot of product is needed to cover them. This mineral foundation did nothing. I found that I still had a lot of red areas around my cheeks and dark circles under my eyes and although the mineral is obviously a very light cover, I'd personally need a lot of concealer which to me, defeats the point.

The first time I used the blusher and bronzer I really wasn't a fan and I thought that they were far too dark to go with my skin tone but after trying them again and blending in a lot more, they are quite nice products.

Personally I'm not a fan of the whole mineral make-up idea as it's not enough coverage for me but I really can still see the appeal for other people. I would definitely recommend these products if you were on holiday and was looking for light coverage as they would be perfect. For me, I'll stick to my Seventeen foundation!

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  1. Oh wow these look great, I have never seen anything like it! Have a great weekend love


  2. I never tried mineral makeup, I think the result looks pretty good (:
    Nati xx

  3. I think you look great! But I have to agree, Im not a huge fan of mineral makeup either!

    Renee | Lose The Road

    1. Thank you :) And it's not like I hate it but it's just not enough coverage for me! xo

  4. I never tried this brand before but I surely will consider to now :)

  5. This looks amazing! I really want to try this soon!

    Lifestyle Funxion

  6. It looks really lovely on you, Nat. But I am with you about the mineral make up, I am not a big fan either, tho. But here on you it looks fresh and lovely.