Seventeen Define & Conquer Contour Kit First Impressions!


Over a month ago I went on a mini shopping spree in Boots (post here) and one of the products I picked up was the Seventeen Define & Conquer contour kit. I brought this in the hopes that I will somehow master the art of contouring and look just as amazing as everyone who applies this beauty trick.

Obviously it's been over a month so let's just say that plan didn't go as well as I'd hoped.


Personally, I don't really notice a difference in the picture above. I applied both the light and dark powder where the diagram said and I still thought my face looked the same. I also tried using the kit the next few days and the most I noticed was the slight definition of the darker powder. 

I've watched a few YouTube videos of other beauty bloggers contouring and a few of them used more liquid or mousse products so I'm wondering if it was the powder formula that was letting me down.

Although I am a little gutted by this product for my first impressions, I will definitely keep trying it and I hope that I will learn the knack of contouring. If anybody has some tips for me, please write in the comments as I'll happily like to see where I'm going wrong!
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