Sleek Pout Paint in Pin-Up 157 Review


I really enjoyed my Glossybox March box and I recently reviewed the Essence Lash Princess Mascara (post here) that came inside and since I enjoyed it so much, I thought I would review another product from the same box. Logic?

As I've said before I really enjoy getting make-up products sent in my boxes and I will always more than likely to blog posts about them but other than the Essence mascara, I haven't really been loving their choices and unfortunately the Sleek Pout Paint is another one for my pile.

pout paint
sleek pout paint
sleek red lips 

First of all, the colour is so not me. I have to admit that I'm quite boring when it comes my lips and I will normally opt for nudes and lights pinks instead of anything too "in your face". This obviously, is not one of those so we're already not starting well.

The one thing I will give this lip stain is that it is exactly that - a lip stain. Multiple scrubs finally removed this "paint" from my lips so if you're looking for something with lasting power, this is your product!

I hate leaving bad reviews to products as I think it's kind of lazy to not learn about the product and try and make it work for me, but I just don't ever see an occasion where I would want/need a lip stick so bright. Maybe next time Glossybox!
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