Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Lacquer Review!


Even though I've have been moved into my new house for around 6 months now, I'm still getting our bearings on where I put things in the move! A month after I moved we had Christmas so with all my presents needing to find a little home in the house as well - a lot of things did get a little lost. Whoops! Unfortunately one of these lost goodies was my Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker lip lacquer!

Since opening on Christmas day, I've already got half way through a few of the skincare and shower products but I seemed to have hidden away the lip lacquer and have only recently found it again. Of course that meant that I had to start wearing so I could review this bad boy! Make up for lost time and all.

soap and glory lip lacquer
soap and glory lip lacquer
soap and glory lip lacquer
soap and glory lip lacquer

First of all, the scent of this lip stick is amazing! It's very sweet and yummy like cupcakes. You'd think it would get sickly after wearing it for a few hours but if anything it just made me want to eat cakes!

As this lip lacquer came as part of the Soap & Glory Next Big Thing set, I didn't have a choice in what shade I was sent but going off the Soap & Glory website, Charm Offensive looks like a very pink nude colour. I would personally disagree with this as I think it's a lot brighter pink than what their swatch makes it look but I still really enjoyed the colour so I'm not moaning!

I personally hate lip glosses. I hate the way it feels sticky on your lips and if it's windy outside, you're more than likely to get a handful of hair stuck to your lips. Not a good look! At first I was a little dubious that this would be like a lip gloss but after applying it to my lips, it settles and dries onto my lips but still leaves a gorgeous shine. Best of both worlds?

Overall I really love this lacquer and I think it's perfect for a night out with the girls of if you've got a special family occasion. I would love one in a more nude shade for just general out shopping ect but I'm still extremely happy with this!
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