Tag Tuesday: The Make-Up Memory Lane Tag!


I love looking back on the past as it will more than likely always bring up some good (and sometimes bad!) memories that you've forgotten about and after recently reading The Make-up Memory Lane tag over on Buynow/Bloglater, I thought it would be a great way to look back on all my make-up firsts!
 memory lane makeup

First makeup item ever purchased? 
Other than the cheap crappy make-up for kids when you was little, the first lot of make-up I brought was when I was about 13 and my mom took me to Superdrug and brought me the basic eyeliner, mascara, lipstick and eye shadow all from the Collection 2000 range. They were all in brown shades and I absolutely hated them! 

First MAC item? 
I’ve never brought a MAC product. High street only, baby! 

First MAC/other brand collection? 
Probably Collection 2000 or Miss Sporty. Does that count? I didn’t have much money when I was a teenager and I depended on my pocket money to buy make-up. Collection 2000 and Miss Sporty was cheapest brand out there at the time! 

First high end make up splurge? 
Probably last year with my Benefit They’re Real mascara. I’m quite happy with my high street make-up that I never felt the need to buy high end make-up. 

First makeover experience? 
My Nan brought me a photo shoot experience when I was a teenager and I was absolutely dreading it. I hated the thought of posing in front of a camera but when I got there and there was a make-up assistant there to professionally do my make-up, it made the whole experience ten times better! 

First makeup brush? 
Does this count magazine freebies and the cheap ones from old make-up kits? If not, it was probably one from Superdrug’s own range. 

First eyeshadow? 
It was a three colour palette from Collection 2000 in brown. I don’t actually remember using it that much. 

First skincare "investment"? 
As a teenager I had horrible oily skin and I was paranoid about getting spots and blackheads so the first skincare product I ever remember buying was the Clean & Clear Blackhead Clearing Cleanser. Even to this day I still always have a bottle in my skincare collection. 

First nail polish owned? 
Once again, does this include crappy make-up kits when you were little? The first nail varnish I remember buying was a sickly bright pink colour from Miss Sporty. 

First fake tan attempt? 
I started my fake tan adventure with the Dove and Nivea gradual moisturiser cream. Looking back on them, they were rubbish! If on the off chance it did tan your skin, it would definitely be orange and patchy! I gave up with being tan for a long time because of these products but I eventually found the St Moriz fake tan in my local B&M which I really loved!


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  1. Hehe so glad I never have to fake tan myself


    1. You're very lucky! Me being super pale means I need lots of fake tan and bronzer lol xo

  2. Wicked post! I'm with you being a teenager not getting the "big" brands!
    Ahh I don't use fake tan anymore, I just go streaky! Pft.

    Fix Me In Forty Five - A Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


    1. Thank you :) High street brands are just as good as the bigger brands!
      And I really wish fake tan would work for me but it doesn't normally end well :( xo

  3. Haha great post =]


  4. haha the first one made me laugh about first make up buys i remember when i first got into make up, didnt know anything :) x x


    1. You do have to start somewhere! Mine just consisted of a whole range of different shades of brown! xo

  5. Great post, I might do this tag myself! Also I really like your blog, I was your 100th Bloglovin Follower so congratulations on the milestone! xx


    1. Thank you :) Please feel free to take the tag for yourself!
      And THANK YOU :D xo

  6. I actually like high street makeup, no need to spend a lot of money! I rather spend my money on skincare products so I don't need to wear so much makeup :)


    1. Exactly :) I would rather spend my money on anything else rather then spending £20 on a lipstick! xo

  7. Replies
    1. Thank you :) And if you haven't needed to yet, I wouldn't bother! It just brings too much stress ha xo