Burt's Bees Lip Shine in Blush Review!


Lately, it's been a sort of "Glossybox product review" month for the majority of April and now into May and the latest product is the Burt's Bees lip shine gloss that actually arrived at my door all the way back in November last year! Bad beauty blogger! I mainly kept this until now to review though as I always think lip glosses and anything slightly colourful should be worn in the Spring and Summer months. Just me?

Although I've heard lots of other beauty bloggers rave about the brand, I personally have never tried any Burt's Bees products before and instead I would normally opt for the old time classic, Vaseline for my lips. Since receiving this product though that outlook has completely changed and I'm now actually eyeing up their collection of scented lip balms!

burts bees

Overall I'm really loving the colour of this lip gloss. It's such a lush coral shade and it's perfect for those sunny summer days out! I personally don't like glosses much as they're normally too sticky and if I leave my hair down - I am guaranteed to get hair stuck in my gloss. Stupid wind!

Although the gloss felt really lightweight in it's formula, it still felt very mositurising and it lasted a good few hours until it needed to be topped up. Even when I removed it at the end of the day, my lips still felt soft.

Another great selling point for this lip gloss, and probably my favourite, was the scent. It's a sweet candy scent which reminds me of fairy cakes. A few of you out there might find that a bit sickly after a while, but for me it's definitely a plus!

All in all I really enjoyed this lip gloss and I could happily see myself buying more from the Burt's Bees range!
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