Color Club "Barely There" Nail Polish Review!


Although I have boxes upon boxes full of unused nail polishes, because of the job that I do, I never see the point in actually using them. When you're typing away at a computer all day, taking the time to create pretty patterns or even simply do a good job is just pointless. Even the most "chip resistant" can't last longer than a few days. 

I did however get sent this gorgeous nude shade nail polish in my most recent Glossybox and I am now in love with painting my nails!

hand swatch

I've been sent another Color Club nail varnish before in previous boxes but Barely There is a gorgeous peachy nude and it's much more of a "me" colour. As you can see above, I definitely think it needs a few coats to show it's true colour but it's still great if you maybe want a slight shade of nude.

The main test for me is of course it's durability. As above, many don't last for me and I am extremely pleased to admit that Barely There is miles better! Even after a whole week of me working, general housework and even a weekend in the garden, my nails were only slightly starting to chip. I'll take that as a win!

If you weren't lucky enough to receive this in your Glossybox, you can check it out over on the Color Club website!
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