Lidl's Squeaky Clean Skincare Range First Impressions!


Even when I try my hardest to save money, there's always something that comes around and makes me open my purse. Luckily for me this time treating myself didn't actually cost me that much! 

I've mentioned before on previous posts that even when I'm meant to be shopping for food, I'll still take a sneaky peek around the clothes and beauty aisles and this still didn't stop me when I was shopping at my local Lidl. Now recently Lidl have been causing a bit of beauty blogger hype over their Chanel dupe perfume but on my recent trip the only thing that stood out to me was their adorable, slightly Soap & Glory inspired skincare products!

They currently have all products on offer for 2 for £1.50 or 99p each which works out quite handy as there's only the 6 products. In this range you can pick from shimmer lotion, nail and cuticle cream, fake tan, body lotion, shower gel and matte face lotion. Not bad choices!
I've only used the fake lotion a few times and from that I've been quite impressed. Overall I'm really looking forward to testing these products out and I'll hopefully be able to blog and post my review about them separately when I'm done!

squeaky clean
squeaky clean


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