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I have said numerous times that I need to stop spending and actually start saving some money but every time I do, something likes to come around and ruin it all for me! This time it happened when I was minding my own business when a e-mail popped into my in box from the lovely New Look team inviting me to check out their new 60% sale. 

Now New Look is my weakness and whenever they have a sale, my bank account always comes off a lot lighter so when I saw this e-mail I knew it would be bad news. Of course that didn't stop me from filling my basket and even having the cheek to order next day delivery! Pfft! To make my over-spending worth while, I thought I would write a mini blog post to show you all my goodies!

new look sale
new look

Coral Lace Panel Bardot Dress | £6.00
I do love the colour coral and I will always be automatically drawn to anything when I see it in shops. This dress looked gorgeous online and I was desperate to get it in my basket but when I got it home and tried it on, it's not what I was expecting. It's very pretty but it's also very sheer and "clingy" (if you get what I mean!) Not sure if I'll keep it but it's still a great bargain for only £6!
new look

Black Off Shoulder Top | £4.00
Although this top looks really basic and boring, it's also very cute with it's off shoulder design. I was planning on wearing this with a few skirts on holiday but it would also look great with jeans and necklace.
new look

Dark Grey Jeans Slogan T-Shirt | £4.00
I love slogan T-shirts but I've not really found any that not only fit me but actually look good on me. In comes New Look! I've seen a few of their slogan T-shirts around and I was desperate to get my hands on a few so as soon as I saw there was a sale on, I went straight on looking for them. Luckily I managed to bag myself three different ones all under £4 each!
new look

Weekend Slogan T-Shirt | £3.00
I'm not so sure on the coffee but this does definitely explain my weekends. Maybe they could have done one that said wine instead of coffee?
new look

Skint T-Shirt | £4.00
Another slogan T-shirt and this one is probably my favourite as it perfectly describes my life nearly 90% of the time!
new look

Busy Tweeting Sign | £2.00
How adorable is this?! For £2 I really couldn't resist adding this to my collection in my little office!

That's everything that I brought and if you'd like to check out the New Look sale for yourself, just check out their website here!
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