Seventeen Blow Out Volume Sculpt Tease Mascara Review!


I've admitted in a few other posts that I'm terrible for buying make-up and then forgetting I ever brought it. It's a talent I seem to be amazing at! Because of my amazing blogging skills, this has meant that the majority of my recent reviews are all "lost and forgotten" make-up items. Whoops!

Another product to this collection is the Seventeen Blow Out Volume Sculpt Tease Mascara. It says new on the bottle but I have no idea when I actually brought this so I can't guarantee the newness! 


As you can see from the pictures above it applies quite nicely and doesn't clump up much even after two coats. It lasted throughout the day and didn't smudge and give me the dreaded panda eyes. Definitely a good point to a mascara! When it came to finally take it off at the end of the day it came off easily and not much scrubbing was needed to fully remove all product.

Although I really enjoyed this mascara, there was a few downsides and I don't think I'll be making the swap from my regular mascara to this one. I know my lashes are naturally difficult to curl but I didn't notice much "blow out volume" even when I first applied and by the end of the day my lashes were looking quite flat and pathetic. Not good!

Overall it's an nice little mascara and I'd definitely recommend giving it ago for yourselves but for me, it's a no. Sorry Seventeen! You can check it out on Boot's website here to make your own opinion!
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