The Best High Street Shampoo & Conditioner Ever? Herbal Essences Nourish Me Butter Review!


I don't normally get excited about shampoo and conditioner, in fact I've been known to only buy these products based on which is cheaper or whether they're on offer or not. Sounds cheap of me but after years of spending half your wages on expensive designer brand products just for them to do nothing, you kinda learn to save your money and just buy something cheap and cheerful.

Having said that, I'm a sucker for new products. Cheesey adverts and scenes of women whipping their shiny, beautiful hair around just makes me want to rush to my local Superdrug and buy whatever they're selling. I'm terrible!

The product I'm been loving recently is the new Herbal Essences Noursh Me Butter shampoo and conditioner. I didn't actually see any advertisements for these products and the first I ever heard about them was seeing their mini bottles in my local Poundland. After absolutely loving them, I went out to hunt for the bigger 400ml bottles!

herbal essences
herbal essences

Like I said above, I don't normally rave about most products but I have completely fell in love with this shampoo and conditioner. Not only did both products make my hair feel smooth and nourished but the smell was absolutely gorgeous and lasted even a few hours after washing my hair. 

I honestly can't fault this shampoo and conditioner and I will definitely going back to repurchase!

You can check them out on the Superdrug website (here and here) where they're currently 2 for £6!
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