Tag Tuesday: The Summer Tag!


Since Summer is "officially" here I thought I'd try and get myself in the Summery mood with a good ol' tag! I stole this off the lovely Renee over on Lose The Road so please go check her out and send some love. 

Please feel free to take this tag for yourself if you're feeling Summery too!

summer tumblr
picture is from Tumblr

Oh, my days of school are long over. I wouldn't even want to think about how many years exactly. I feel ancient!

I'd say beach! I find it so relaxing to hear the waves crashing against the beach!

I haven't got anything planned at the moment but I'd be quite happy sitting next to a pool all day :)

I'd never tried S'mores (yes I know!) so I'd have to say ice cream!

Probably something back when I was kid. They seemed more fun and more like a break but when you're an adult you still have to go to work!

A bit of both. I burn but it normally fades to a nice little tan! Best of both worlds!

Up mostly. I do try and curl it a few times but it's normally so hot that I just shove it up in a bun or ponytail.

I don't have a favourite but I'd say something bright and colourful. Normally it's a bright pink but I do have gorgeous aqua shade that I cannot resist.

Outside definitely! I hate being stuck indoors in the day!

I have prescription sunglasses so I am normally always wearing them. I actually also don't own any hats apart from my wooly hats for Winter!

I don't actually have any particular song but anything a bit pop and with a good beat!

I don't have a list at the moment but probably to just go out and have fun. Hopefully also do something new and exciting! ;)

Tankini or one piece all the way. I'm not brave enough for a bikini just yet!

BB Cream. Perfect for coverage but light enough to not clog my skin up!

The long days and lots of sun. Being able to leave the house without a coat and wear dresses without leggings. Beer gardens and days out. So many things basically!

Seventeen Miracle Matte Pressed Powder Review!


Seventeen is probably one of my favourite make-up brands at the moment and a couple of weeks ago I treated myself by putting a small order in with Boots for a few of my favourites. It turned out to be a slight hit and miss haul as my foundation was on offer but my powder page wasn't loading! I decided to alternate my powder and get another one from the Seventeen range and I brought the Miracle Matte Pressed Powder.

As I suffer with oily skin I do need powders that are either extremely matte or are long lasting and can keep my horrible shiny forehead at bay. My original powder was quite good for this and changing made me a little anxious but since I was on my last scraps on powder, I needed a new one desperately so I picked a shade and added to my basket!

seventeen powder
seventeen powder
seventeen powder
pressed powder seventeen
Ignore the horrible work blouse

As I ordered online I couldn't really get an accurate idea of what shade to order so in the end I decided on Natural Fair as it seemed like a light/medium colour. When it arrived I thought it was way too light for my skin but obviously since I'd just brought it, I had to give it the benefit of the doubt and give it a go!

Perfect chance for me to test it out is when I'm at work so the next morning I applied my make-up as normal and covered my face in the powder and on my way I went. On my first break in the day I noticed my face was still shine free and I didn't need to reapply until well into the afternoon. Obviously it didn't last the whole day but for a product that brags about lasting 16 hours, it didn't disappoint!

Overall it's a great powder and I really enjoyed it! I would definitely repurchase but maybe in a slightly darker colour! 

You can check it out for yourselves on the Boots website where it's on sale for the bargain price of £3.99!

Wilkinson Sword Intuition Ultra Moisture Shaver Review!


When it comes to shaving, I have to admit I'm pretty boring. The shaving part itself is SO boring and it kills me having to spend so much money on shavers. I didn't ask to be hairy and I definitely didn't ask for being hairy to not be acceptable in this day and age! I know a lot of you are probably thinking "Why don't you wax?" or "Why don't you try an epilator?". Pain. That's why. I hate pain and will try and avoid it at all costs. So that basically leaves shaving. Urgh!

In February's Glossybox we were all kindly sent a brand new Wilkinson Sword Hydro Silk Shaver and it was probably the first time in a long while that I actually had a "luxary" shaver - BIC is normally my best friend! At first I wasn't that fussed but after a few uses I had finally saw the error of my ways and was in love with shavers! 

Unforunately it start to do a bit blunt so on my next trip to Tesco, I vowed to pick up some replacement heads but when I finally got there there was a huge sale on most shavers. So instead of buying just the heads, I came out with a whole new shaver. Whoops! I decided to test out the Wilkinson Sword Intuition Ultra Moisture shaver! I was drawn to the special shea butter soap surrounding the shaver and was actually looking forward to my next shower so I could test it out!

wilkinson razer
wilkinson razer
wilkinson razer
wilkinson razer

As I mentioned above, the main reason I brought this shaver was for the shea butter soap around the shaver head. I've used shavers like this before when I was a teenager but it's been a while! The idea of the soap is to help moisture and create a lather to ensure a smooth and soft shave and I have to admit that my legs did feel a lot softer after using. I found because of the soap as well, it was great for if you were in a rush and didn't have time to have a shower as the soap lathered up and didn't leave the horrible dry shave rash.

The gorgeous scent of the shea butter is my favourite part of this shaver and it only gets stronger when it's lathered up in the shower. I'm not sure how long the soap will last though as even after a few uses I could see how quickly it had gone down.

I'd definitely recommend this shaver if you fancy something a little different plus for the price I paid I would it's not a bad product!

You can check this out at Boots, Superdrug or at Tesco like me. Psst - It's currently on offer at Superdrug for £3.48!



Two years today I started this blog as abit of a distraction from my personal life and since then I've really grown to love blogging and the blogging community. The first year wasn't so good and I only had a few followers but in the second year I really think it's really grew!

Two years is probably the longest I've ever stuck to one thing and not bored of it and I think the main reason for this is my followers! I really enjoy communicating with you and I actually feel like part of a community!

This is just a short post to celebrate where this blog has gone and to also thank everybody who is following me on any social media sites or even just comes by for a visit! You're the reason I stick to blogging. Thank you! ♥

Here's to year 3!

2nd year annivarsary
2nd year annivarsary
Both images are from Google

Bourjois Rouge Edition Aqua Laque Review in Appechissant!


As I've said in a past few posts, I've not really been feeling my best and blogging really has taken a back seat. In an attempt to cheer myself up, I did however order a small handful of make-up from Boots as they had an amazing offer on their Bourjois products (haul here)! To get this offer I had to spend over £15 on Bourjois products which was considerably easy since there was so many products I have been dying to try.

The first product that came to mind was the Rouge Edition Lip Laque. I've seen so many different bloggers raving about these months ago and I was always gutted that I didn't get one so I thought this would be a perfect chance to pick myself one up and finally give it a go!

bourjois lip
bourjois lip
bourjois lip
bourjois lip
bourjois lip
bourjois lip

I couldn't decide on what shade to order so I just went for one at random and went for number 1, Appechissant. I wasn't too sure what the colour would be like when I ordered it but I was pleasantly surprised when I opened up my package. It's a very nude pinky mauve colour and I think it suits me perfectly! It's great for everyday wear but it's also bright enough that you could wear it on a night or special occasion as well. A versatile shade!

The formula itself was a little bit of a disappoint for it's lasting time and I found that a few hours after applying my lips had dried out and needed reapplying. This was a bit of a bad point for me but I did notice that the colour had stayed on my lips so that saved itself a little!

Overall I really like this product and I can happily see myself using it a lot over the next couple of months. Perfect Summer shade!

You can check it and the rest of the range here where they're currently on offer for £5.99 part of the Sunkiss Collection set deal!

Mink&Stone: My Own Custom Bracelet!


I'm not sure about you girls but when I go clothes shopping the one section I absolutely love visiting is the jewellery and accessory section. It's like I'm just drawn to it. I was a magpie in a former life! Even if I don't always buy anything, I do love looking at all the pretty necklaces and shiny earrings and picturing them on outfits I have at home. A girl can dream, right?

Well a few weeks ago I was contacted by the lovely Mink&Stone about an opportunity to create my own perfect piece of jewellery and of course I had to say yes!
If you've never heard of Mink&Stone here's the low down. The company was founded by Miisa and Mark Mink in London back in 2014. Their inspiration for the business came from a vacation to the grand bazaar of Istanbul. There they saw local jewellers combine rows of bright and colourful materials to create wonderful bespoke beaded designs. The idea of Mink&Stone is that they wanted to re-create that experience with a modern twist by providing us customers with a range of high quality materials, so we can unleash our creativity and have fun designing our perfect jewellery with our own personal style.



“Every outfit deserves the perfect piece of jewellery. We want our customers to set their style free.”

The website offers a broad range of materials to use and styles of jewellery but in the end I decided on getting a bracelet. As there was so many difference patterns and designs you can make, it took me forever to decide on just one! After several hours of Once Upon A Time as inspiration, I eventually decided on this gorgeous dusky rose and bead bracelet. I did use a few other designs as inspiration but the idea and colour scheme was all me! I wanted to include something a little personal about myself so I also added the PPB beads in the centre for Petal Poppet Blogs!

The whole process was extremely easy and the making off the bracelet was actually ended up being quite fun! Before you can designing, you need to find all your favourite beads and crystals and add them to your tray to use later on. Then you can start placing all your beads in your designed pattern, adjust the length and you're done! It's that simple! 

You can then publish your design so it appears on the "Inspiration" page and that other users can see and even purchase for themselves. If they do, you earn discounts!

I honestly cannot rave about this company enough and I am so happy that I was asked to join in on this opportunity. I absolutely love my bracelet and I can't see me taking it off for a long time! Thank you Mink&Stone! 

You can check out Mink&Stone for yourself on their website where you can start designing your own bracelet/necklace! You can even check out my design here and use it to make your own!

Clearasil Ultra 5 in 1 Exfoliating Scrub Review!

Yay for 300th post!

Even though I'm nearly 25, I still suffer with terrible oily skin and to be honest I was always under the impression that this would start to sort itself out after my terrible teenager years! Give me a break please!

Over the years I've tried a handful of different products claiming to banish my spots and blackheads and even dull my shiny forehead but the percentage of these products actually working is unfortunately very low. After going through phases of trying every new product out and being so down and not using anything at all, I've decided to give it another go and try out new acne products!

One of my main problems at the moment was my blackheads and their annoying ability to reappear no matter what I do so I was looking for something to mainly help combat this. When I popped into my local Tesco I was overwhelmed with the choices and in the end I decided on the Clearasil Ultra 5 in 1 Exfoliating Face Scrub. I've used lots of different Clearasil products in the past and it's a brand that I trust plus all their range had a small discount! It would be rude not to!


Before deciding on the scrub I was a little torn between that or the normal face wash. What tempted me more to the scrub was that it targeted blackheads more and I thought the tiny exfoliating beads would help clear out the dirt and oil out more and after a few uses, I could see that I was right.

Even after the first wash, I could already start to notice a difference in the way my face felt. It was a lot softer and felt a lot drier (trust me, it's a good thing for someone with oily skin!). Luckily for me I had a bad cause of acne before starting using this wash and I did notice that it did help shrink the size and heal the skin a lot quicker than if I'd have just left it. Definite plus!

Overall I'm really happy that I chose to pick this beauty up and I'd definitely repurchase when it runs out. If you do suffer with oily skin or just have lots of bad breakouts, I would suggest this wash as it's made such a big difference to my skin!

The scrub is on sale at Boots, Superdrug and most big supermarkets for around £5.99. Bargain!

End of Month Primark "Pick Me Up" Haul!


Every once in a while it's nice to be able to go out and treat yourself with new clothes or even a new lipstick. Luckily for me I had a bit more money left over at the end of this money so I thought it would be rude not to spend a bit of it in my most favourite shop ever, Primark!

It's been a while since I last went in and I was expecting to want a lot of things but at the end of my 2 hour walk around the store, I only had half a basket full - not bad! Of course I thought I would write a short post showing everything I brought because I know how interesting it is to read other people's haul posts!

primark haul

primark haul

Black patterned dress | £13
I LOVE the pattern of this and I've been looking for something very similar until I saw this dress. I have tried to make a deal with myself to wear more dresses and this is one I'm extremely happy to add to my collection! I'm not sure about wearing the belt with this dress though but I'm sure I have another belt in my wardrobe I could wear instead.

primark haul

Burgundy Crochet Top | £4
Tops like this is the reason that everyone jokes about trying things on before you buy them in Primark. It looked great on the hanger but I stupidly didn't try it on so when I got home, I found that I absolutely hated it. It's not exactly a crop top but it's far too short to be complimentary and it's extremely see through. Sorry Primark but this was a bit of a fail buy!

primark haul

Life is always better in Paris T-Shirt | £3
I love Primark's T-shirt range and for the price, they're quite good quality. This top was the last thing I picked up and I completely forgot to look at the price or I'd definitely brought a few more! 

primark haul

PJ Set | Top £2.50 Bottoms ?
I really wanted some new PJs and my favourite kind to buy are their patterned cuffed bottoms with a pretty but simple vest. Perfect. I completely forgot to look at the price of the bottoms before ripping them off and wearing them but the top with a hidden support bra was a complete bargain at only £2.50!

primark haul

Boxer Shorts | £1.70
I don't think I've ever gone into a Primark and not brought a pair of pants. It's like a tradition. Their boxer short pants are my definite favourite and over the years they design has got so much better so that they're actually comfortable and not a more fabric version of a thong, if you get my drift.

primark haul

Super Fit T-Shirt Bras | £5 each
Another product I always go back to and it's these extremely comfortable T-shirt bras. I remember buying a pair last year just for work but when I realised how comfy they were, I went back to stock up on more colours. I will be so gutted if Primark ever stop making these!

primark haul

Black Sandals | £8
I brought a pair of these last year and I never took them off - ever! So much that when Winter came and it was time to pack all my Summer clothes away, I couldn't throw them away even though they were completely wrecked. Luckily for me Primark re-released them this year so I had to snap myself a pair up before they went. Fingers crossed that they're exactly the same as last years!

primark haul

Egg Make-up Sponge | £1.50
Since buying one of these a few months ago, I cannot believe that I used to live without one. They make applying your foundation so much easier and even if you can't afford the high end sponge, Primark have their equally amazing egg for just £1.50! You can't complain at that price.

That's everything that I brought and I hope I inspired you to go and have your own Primark haul!

InstaNatural Pore Tightening Vitamin C Facial Toner Review!*


Skincare has really started being more of a priority for me and instead of just sticking to my normal products, I will try and be more adventurous and try new things. A few weeks ago I was kindly sent this Vitamin C Facial Toner from InstaNatural (thank you!) and although at first I was a little dubious on what to expect, I soon started to get excited and was eager to start trying it!

The best thing about this toner is that is contains 100% natural and organic ingredients and also has Vitamin C, an essential nutrient that is vital to developing skin health and youthfulness. This antioxidant is needed in order for the body to produce collagen, which is what keeps your skin elastic and supple. A daily dose of Vitamin C with our Facial Toner Spray is a great way to restore a youthful complexion by helping to strengthen your skin to protect and fight against environment factors that speed up the signs of ageing. 

The soothing mist also brags about delivering instant refreshment to your face. As your skin is hydrated, the MSM in the formula works to penetrate your pores to increase their elasticity. Your face will become more receptive to absorbing serums, oils, and moisturisers applied thereafter.

vitamin c toner
vitamin c toner 

As I've said before in previous posts, I do suffer from oily skin terribly and another great thing about this toner is that it helps to combats oily skin! The ingredients in the spray work to combat and remove excess oil, while restoring your natural pH levels so your skin is balanced.

Like I said above I was sent this a few weeks ago and I've been using this every single day before I apply my make-up and before I go to sleep at night and I've already started to notice a difference. My skin feels a lot brighter and cleaner and I've even noticed that my skin doesn't get as shiny and that I've not had any bad break-outs.

All the toners that I've used in the past have been in bottles and you apply using cotton pads so this is the first time I've used a mist spray toner and to be honest - I love it! It's so much easier to apply and I think it's eco-friendly as you don't need to use cotton pads every time you apply. Think of the environment people!

The only thing I would suggest to InstaNatural to change would be the scent! To me it was a little too strong and might be a bit of an acquired taste for other people but it wasn't so noticeable after the spray had dried.

Overall I'm really loving this toner and I would definitely buy myself another bottle when this ran out. I'd definitely recommend this for anybody looking for an organic time-saving toner! You can check it out here on their Amazon page where it's currently on offer for £17. 95!

*I was sent this by InstaNatural to review but all my opinions and images are mine.

Zerreau Towel Off Shampoo Foam Review!


As most girls will probably agree, the invention of the dry shampoo has made their life's so much easier and I don't know about you but if I had ever met the inventor, I'd hug him/her! I remember it being quite early when I needed to use dry shampoo if I wanted to go a few days without washing my hair and I wouldn't even want to imagine the amount of Batiste cans I've brought since then.

Although I do rave about Batiste being my fave, I do also like to try different brands whenever something new is out (or on offer!). Glossybox must have read my mind and in one of my last monthly box, they sent me the Zerreau Towel Off Shampoo Foam! I've heard of this type of shampoo before and I have previously tried another brand before but I was still eager to give this a go and see if I could make that jump from dry shampoo to now wet!

zerreau beauty dry shampoo
zerreau beauty dry shampoo
zerreau beauty dry shampoo

Although the idea of this is quite cool, part of me just couldn't get myself to love it. It's like my brain couldn't understand how adding a watery foam onto my hair will clean it and get rid of my oily roots. The idea is you squirt a small handful of the foam onto your palm and massage it into your roots then grab your hair towel and rub your hair dry. Sounds simple?

Personally I didn't think this worked. Even after towel drying my roots still felt a bit wet which I thought just added to the grease and oil instead of "towelling away" as said on the bottle.  I honestly think that my dry shampoo cans or even my Lush powder shampoo is much better and I think I'll be sticking to them!

You can check the Shampoo Foam here on the Superdrug website where it's currently on sale for £6.99 and you make your own mind up!

Make-up Revolution: The Matte Effect Foundation Review!


Even though I said a few months back that I'd have a massive clearout on all my make-up, I'm still finding products hidden away. Whoops! Not only have I realised that I need to stop buying things I don't need, but I also know that I really need to sort my organisational skills out! I'm terrible!

The latest discovery is my Revolution Matte Effect Foundation. I actually cannot remember buying this and I have no idea how long it's been hidden away. Obviously to make up for lost time, I thought I would get straight to reviewing it!

matte effect foundation
matte effect foundation
matte effect foundation
I'm not sure if you can tell completely in the picture, but the formula is so runny that it's actually a little uncomfortable to put on your face. It didn't feel like it was going to "set" and leave the matte effect but it did with a litte help from my powder. 
Even though this foundation was only £2, I was a little surprised it was slightly better like other Make-up Revolution products I've tried in the past. The lasting power was quite bad and even after a few hours I could see my blemishes and dark circles starting to show through.
Personally it's an okay foundation on it's own but I'd promote it more as a mixer for you to use with other foundations - maybe ones that are too light and need darking up or foundations that are too matte for your dry skin. On it's own though, it's not for me!
You can check it out for yourself though on the Superdrug and Make-up Revolution website here!

Treat Yo Self Take 2: Mini Boots Make-Up Haul!


What's the best thing you can do when you're feeling down? Shopping of course! I've not been feeling myself lately and the thought of sitting down and blogging hasn't exactly appealed to me but in an attempt to cheer myself up and take my mind off things, I've still been scrolling through Bloglovin and Instagram and trying to keep in touch with the blogging world. On my little search I did come across a post from a gorgeous blogger about a boots haul she recently had. Of course I can't remember who it was so I'm sorry! But it did peak my interest and I went straight over to the Boots website to see what goodies they had.

Boots currently have an amazing deal on at the moment and regardless of my bad mood, I knew I couldn't miss out on the chance to get it! The deal itself is if you spend over £15 in the Bourjois range you receive a special Sunkiss collection set which includes the Maxi Bronzer and Color Boost lip crayon! Since there was a few products from Bourjois I was dying to try, it wasn't hard to reach the £15! 

In addition to the Bourjois products, I also picked up my all time favourite foundation - Seventeen Stay Time 25 Hour Foundation which was also on offer for £4.99! Bargain! I also needed my favourite Seventeen pressed powder but for some reason the page wasn't opening so I choose an alternative with their Miracle Matte pressed powder. 

I'm really excited to try all these products and I will no doubt be posting reviews of them when I'm feeling more up to it! 

boots haul
boots haul

Will you be taking advantage of this deal?

Squeaky Clean Range Part 2: Daisy Fresh Shower Detox Review!


A few of you might be keeping up to date with my blog and have been looking forward to reading my next review for Lidl's Squeaky Clean skincare range. If not, just sit back and enjoy the review! 

My first review was of the Movie Matte Photo Finish Moisturiser and you can check it out here! My next choice was the Daisy Fresh Shower Detox gel and that was purely because my other shower gel ran out - perfect timing!

squeaky clean shower detox
squeaky clean shower detox

Just like the Matte moisturiser, the packaging is the same vintage Soap & Glory slightly theme which I actually love. The Shower Detox also has the same floral and sweet fragrance which lasts hours after getting out of the shower. The formular lathers up great and actually lasts the whole wash instead of being like other cheap shower gels that need topping up once or twice. Annoying! 

Once again I'm really impressed with Lidl and I would definitely repurchase this. It's an absolute steal at 99p and you can check them out in your local Lidl where they were either the 99p each or 2 for £1.50! Bargain!

Also stay tuned as I'll also be writing reviews on the other 4 products in the range!

Tag Tuesday: The Versatile Blogger Award!


I was recently nominated by the lovely Anisha over on All you need is Red Lipstick for the Versatile Blogger award and of course as I love a good tag, I couldn't say no. It's actually very similar to the Liebster Awards but I didn't want to seem rude after being nominated!
versatile blogger award 
Here are the rules!
1. Thank the person who nominated you
2. Include a link to their blog
3. Next select and Nominate 15 blogs/bloggers that you've recently discovered or followed
4. Comment on their blogs to let them know they have been nominated
5. Give 7 facts about yourself

So seven facts! Here goes!

1. I consider the most amazing fact about myself is that my initials spell my name - N.A.T

2. I could quite happily grow old and live in a house of cats. Fuck men!

3. I'm a big gamer girl and I could happily spend my nights playing Call of Duty. I'm also really looking forward to Fallout 4 being released. I cannot wait!

4. There's so much I want to do with my life and a big part of me is scared that I am losing my chance.

5. I work in a GP's surgery but I am also a fully trained Hairdresser.

6. If I could do any job in the world, I would be an Interior Designer.

7. I'm absolutely terrified of heights, spiders and clowns. 

I know part of the rules is to nominate people for this award but I can see that most people I want to tag have already done it so I'm leaving this open for anybody who wants to take the tag themselves!

Collection Field Day Range: Pink Rose Lipstick Review!


The sun is finally starting to make more of an appearance now and I actually feel like getting in the summery mood! As I've said before in previous posts I like to change everything up in different seasons; from swapping jumpers to dresses, deep moisturising cream to suntan lotion and dark metallic lipsticks to pink juicy lipglosses. It seems that Glossybox had read my mind completely and in my last box, they sent me a Summery lipstick from the new Field Day range from Collection Cosmetics.

When I first saw this lipstick I have to admit I really didn't like it as I thought the colour was far too bright and slightly "Barbie Doll" but I decided to put that aside and give it a try!

collection lipstick
collection lipstick
collection lipstick
collection lipstick

I told you it was bright. Even looking at the picture makes me cringe at how much it doesn't suit me. It's definitely far too light for me and I can't honestly see a situation coming that I would ever need a colour this pale. I know a few of you out there might love this colour and might wear shades this bright all the time but it's really not for me!

Luckily for me Collection also brought out two more summery shades in their Field Day range so I'll definitely be trying the darker shades. You can check them out for yourself on the Boots website where they're currently on sale for £2.99!