Home: Lenor Unstoppables In-Wash Scent Boosters in Lavish Review!


This is a bit of a different post for me but one that I still felt the need to make. Since moving out of my parents home, taking control of housework and being a domestic goddess has come quite easily to me and I've even found that things that probably would have bored me years ago, I actually enjoy. There's nothing more satisfying then sitting down after a good cleaning spree and seeing how great your house looks. 

As well as cleaning, another chore I've grown to love is laundry. As sad as it sounds, I sort of get anxiety when I see our washing basket overflowing or my underwear draw looking empty. It's like my body is screaming at me "I need to do washing!!" Sad, I know!

While out food shopping at my local Tesco I came across Lenor's new Unstoppable in-wash scent boosters and a little part of me was intrigued. Their supposed to provide up to 12 weeks of boosted freshness to your laundry working along side your normal detergent and fabric conditioner to create your own special blend scent!


I obviously picked the "Lavish" scent as I personally thought it smelt the best than the Fresh and Bliss scents. Lavish is described as a peachy, gourmand scent infused with creamy tonic vanilla notes with a hint of caramel which is much more of a "me" smell! The first time I used the Unstoppables, as soon as I opened my washing machine I was hit with the gorgeous scent of flowers and vanilla! I can't stop smelling my clothes now!

Although this product doesn't exactly do anything to boost your washing other than the smell, I've really enjoyed using this product. 

These were on offer on my local Tesco for £3.00 for the small 275bg bottle but you can normally get them for about £5! You can go and check them out while I go and act my age!
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