Make-up Revolution: The Matte Effect Foundation Review!


Even though I said a few months back that I'd have a massive clearout on all my make-up, I'm still finding products hidden away. Whoops! Not only have I realised that I need to stop buying things I don't need, but I also know that I really need to sort my organisational skills out! I'm terrible!

The latest discovery is my Revolution Matte Effect Foundation. I actually cannot remember buying this and I have no idea how long it's been hidden away. Obviously to make up for lost time, I thought I would get straight to reviewing it!

matte effect foundation
matte effect foundation
matte effect foundation
I'm not sure if you can tell completely in the picture, but the formula is so runny that it's actually a little uncomfortable to put on your face. It didn't feel like it was going to "set" and leave the matte effect but it did with a litte help from my powder. 
Even though this foundation was only £2, I was a little surprised it was slightly better like other Make-up Revolution products I've tried in the past. The lasting power was quite bad and even after a few hours I could see my blemishes and dark circles starting to show through.
Personally it's an okay foundation on it's own but I'd promote it more as a mixer for you to use with other foundations - maybe ones that are too light and need darking up or foundations that are too matte for your dry skin. On it's own though, it's not for me!
You can check it out for yourself though on the Superdrug and Make-up Revolution website here!
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